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BAYWATCH RED: To Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Baywatch-An Iconic TV Series

Baywatch, one of the most popular and long-running TV series, is now celebrating its 30th year of existence. This TV series is not just in shown in the U.S but, also all over the world as well. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of this iconic TV series of all time, Fremantle, an international producer has … Read more

Sticker Marketing Benefits: 8 Reasons Businesses Should Promote With Stickers

Just because multiple social media platforms have taken over the world, doesn’t mean they’ve completely taken over the marketing world as well. Sure, there are many benefits to using social media for marketing and businesses should take advantage, but it’s important to keep in mind the benefits of offline marketing tactics as well. There are … Read more

7 Reasons Why You Need Printed Marketing Materials for Branding

In a Forbes article on the top marketing trends of 2019, creativity is identified as a key trend. At a time when it seems that web marketing and digital is the way forward, creative companies are finding print stands out. Standing out against the background noise is a dream result for your marketing strategy. You … Read more

What are the benefits of branding?

The Benefits of Branding: Laying the Foundations of a formidable Brand Branding is a global buzzword. It’s the roar of entrepreneurial conferences and the focal point of online business videos.  From corporate bigwigs to small local businesses, everyone’s talking about it. But the real question is why is the branding of such heightened significance? How … Read more

How to brand yourself?

Design by: Andrea Bianchi How You Can Brand Yourself in 12 Simple Steps In 2002, Volkswagen’s launch of a premium, full-size luxury car, the Phaeton, failed because of demographic miscalculation, lack of understanding of target audience and weak marketing. The launch of Barnes and Noble’s Nook eReader failed due to B&N being unable to convince … Read more

Why is branding important?

Why is Branding Important? Source: Flickr No matter if you are running a big company or just getting started with your small business you must have heard that branding is very important. Every thought why? Obviously, you have, or else you won’t be looking for the importance of branding for business, right? Before diving deep … Read more

Sticker Marketing 101: Are Business Stickers Still Relevant in 2018?

Are Business Stickers Still Relevant in 2018? Everyone likes stickers. And that’s one of the reasons why sticker marketing still works today. If you want to know more about business stickers, stick around for some interesting sticker facts! Keyword(s): business stickers Promotional stickers are nothing new. But there’s a reason why they’re still being used … Read more

Do Happy Colors Make You Feel Happy?

Do Happy Colors Make You Feel Happy? Are you looking to add a bit of pep to your step? Using happy colors might just be the way to do it. Learn what colors can make you feel happier. Does wearing a black outfit make you look thinner? Does a grocery market painted yellow make you … Read more

Stick it to the man with stickers!

Get your community involved with stickers! Why just say your message when you can make it walk around on two legs instead? Introducing stickers — a marvelous invention we didn’t actually invent! Stickers are great at inspiring people to interact with what you have to say. The right design can turn heads and even become … Read more

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