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Pantone CAPSURE Review: Is This Tool the Best Way to Match Colors?

CAPSURE™ gives you a portable way to match colours from any surface or material accurately. Then you can turn it into a Pantone® colour that you can use for business logos, designs, or fashion. It’s one of the easiest ways to create consistency for your marketing materials. CAPSURE comes with over 10,000 Pantone colours pre-loaded … Read more

Letterpress Design: 8 Tips for Success

Like carving the most delicate art, designing a letterpress requires meticulous attention to detail. You need to tailor the design to match the distinctive inking and graphic themes letterpresses are meant for.  Letterpress is an ancient art form that has roots dating back to the 16th century. Though initially limited to metal and wood engravings, … Read more

Choosing the Best Paper Type for Printing

If your work involves printing in any way, it’s in your best interest to know the right paper type. Even if you’ve come up with a great design, but you don’t know what a great print job entails, there’s a big possibility that your hard work might go down the drain. This sounds harsh, but … Read more

How to Make a Postcard Influentially Powerful

Image Credits Since the beginning of postal services, postcards have been the staple to send messages and dispatched to individual addresses. It wasn’t long before companies and corporations realized its potential to advertise their business and the earliest of postcards to contain printed advertising was way back in December 1848. Ever since then, postcards have … Read more

Spot Color or Process Color? Why You Should Choose One Over The Other

With just about the whole world going digital, print marketing may seem like it’s taking a back seat. But experts say there’s now a growing demand for print media, and that the constant bombardment of online ads may well be driving this resurgence. With print marketing, there are numerous design decisions involved, but some of … Read more

10 Common Mistakes of Print Marketing Designers and How to Address Them

Since the marketing world has moved online, a lot of people have become convinced that print marketing is no longer a viable way to attract customers. This may seem true on the surface, but by digging a little deeper, you’ll find out that print marketing is slowly making a resurgence.  One of the major reasons … Read more

PANTONE® color bridge™ CMYK PC – Process Color Reference Chart Free Download

What is this thing and how do I use it? For those of you young and/or lazy designers who never made it around to buying an official Pantone color fanbook, this might just be the next best thing. I am not sure how it originated and it is certainly nowhere to be found on Pantone’s … Read more

6 Golden Rules For Business Card Design (QUICK FIRE TIPS)

in today's video I have some quickfire tips for the golden rules in businesscard design so take some notes and follow along with my golden rules forbusiness card design today's video is made possible by named chief and I useNamecheap to obtain my most recent domain name Chiba is used by webprofessionals and bloggers startups…

How to Create Business Card in Illustrator CC

Business card free download for commercial use: Watch more tutorials: Subscribe: Ktm Art – Graphic Design Tutorials Like me on: Facebook:

Die Cut Stickers vs. Kiss Cut Stickers

Stickers are a brilliant way to earn some brand recognition and develop a defined personality for your business. Clever slogans, artful images, and intricate graphics are all fair game in the world of stickers, but there’s a lot left to consider once you settle on a design. For those who understand that an unusually shaped … Read more

Pro Tips for Designing Amazing Plastic Business Cards

Business cards have enjoyed a serious revolution in the last few decades. No longer are these professional snapshots printed exclusively on cardstock with the same, bland layout all across the board. If you’re exploring the option of plastic business cards, you might be looking for something that’s extra durable or that helps you stand out … Read more

11 Tips and Tricks for Creating Holographic Business Cards

You’re hip, you’re trendy, and you’re in need of a business card that reflects that. Holographic business cards are the perfect solution for every uber-modern professional with their finger on the cultural pulse, but there’s a definite right way to go about designing these cards; here are 11 tips for creating your ideal holographic business … Read more

5 Essential Elements of An Effective Business Card

Just as with any other professional document like a resume or cover letter, not all business cards are created equal. There are definite Dos and Don’ts when it comes to designing your business card, so make sure that you’ve included each of these critical elements before placing your order. Your Name and Contact Information This … Read more

4 Tips to Get Your Custom Business Card Design Started off Right!

It’s the 21st century—there have never been more options when it comes to customizing your business cards. From clever design tricks that win a smile to creative colors and shapes that dazzle the eyes, there’s a lot to consider when designing your business cards. That said, getting down to the nitty-gritty of the design work … Read more

How to Design Gold Foil Business Cards: The Ultimate Guide

It’s no secret that the vast majority of business cards get thrown away almost immediately. You can probably vouch for this fact firsthand, as you’ve more than likely thrown away a fair share yourself. What if you want to ensure that the connections you make hold on to your card, though? How can you stand … Read more

Embossing vs Debossing: An In-depth Guide

Image Source: Have you ever been to an art gallery or museum and felt a need to touch a textured artwork? We know the feeling, and hope you didn’t touch the valuable fine art. Fortunately for you, using texture isn’t limited to just fine art. You can use texture in your projects for people to … Read more

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