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10 Excellent Fonts for Printing Business Cards.

When designing the perfect business card for you or your business, there are many things that you should consider — colors, paper quality, logos, what information to include, as well as other details. In particular, one of the most overlooked aspects of business card design is probably font selection. Picking the right font can be … Read more

5 Surefire Ways to Apply Material Design Principles into Your Print Design Templates

Material design is a popular design style used in almost every website, blog, app, and design created after 2015. This style was introduced for the first time by Google in their presentation Google I/O 2014 – Keynote that has almost 2 billion views. These days material design is used not only for digital projects, but … Read more

Top 10 Benefits of Flyer Marketing for Your Business

Top 10 Benefits of Flyer Marketing for Your Business Have you tried using flyers for your business? If not, you should. Read on to learn about the top 5 benefits of flyer marketing for your business. SEO keywords: check. Online advertisements: check. Interactive website: Check. You’ve covered all of the marketing strategies to help you get … Read more

How to Design a Business Flyer People Will Actually Read

How to Design Business Flyers People Will Actually Read Your business flyers are just a waste of money if people throw them out. Click here to learn how you can design business flyers people actually want to read. For those who claim the written word is dead, the printing industry declares it’s time to rethink that … Read more

The Power of Plastic Business Cards: Redefining Swanky

Paper or plastic? It’s an age-old question we’ve come to expect at the grocery store checkout line. Yet, now it applies to your business cards, as well! While there will always be a place for great-quality paper cards, today’s innovative new designs and unexpected materials are taking the corporate world by storm. One such example? … Read more

Here Are 10 of Our Favorite Mini Business Card Design Picks

While the standard business card is universally accepted, did you know there are also smaller options that you can use in your marketing and networking endeavors? Mini business cards are relatively new as a design trend. While the standard card is 3.5 x 2 inches in size, the mini versions can go as small as … Read more

Make it Pop! How to Create Contrast in your Graphic Designs

When two visual elements in a design are dramatically different, then it is considered to be a contrast. The more the difference, the better will be the contrast.  Making sure that the difference is obvious is key to working with contrast. Your design can have a contrast in value, type, size, color, and other elements. … Read more

What is white space (negative space) and why should you be using it in your graphic designs?

In a time where information is everything, we are tempted to pack our content with everything we know. We often tend to forget how the end-user will perceive our content, and will it be easy to understand. This is where white space comes in. Today we will discuss white space and how it affects your … Read more

Credit Card Size – What are the Dimensions, Size, & Thickness?

Ever Wondered What the Dimensions of a Credit Card Are? You may have observed your credit card with a magnifying glass when it first came in. After all, it did look good and feel fascinating to touch.  Then you began swiping and purchasing and poof you were over your credit limit and never gave a … Read more

The Back of a Business Card – Creative Ideas of What to Put On it

Although you hear a lot about how to design the front of your business card, not much is said about its back. If you have been going about churning business cards keeping this same mindset, we have news for you. First of all, never ignore the back of a business card. Certainly not when you … Read more

Top 10 Wood Business Card Designs To Inspire You

There’s just so much you can do with wood business cards. Seriously, who doesn’t want the opportunity to reach into their pocket while telling prospective clients that you have wood for them? Nobody would turn down the opportunity for a good pun. Let’s take a look at 10 wood business card designs to inspire you.  … Read more

Top 10 Metal Business Cards To Inspire Your Next Project

There’s nothing wrong with going beyond the norm when it comes to carrying around a business card to inspire your next project. Why settle for average and go for normal flimsy business cards when you can reach into your pocket and pull out a metal one? Why metal ones? Why do you even need to … Read more

Working on a New Project? Here are a Few Sure-Shot Font Pairs

If you thought mixing and matching clothes in your wardrobe is a hassle, wait till you attempt pairing the right font combinations together. No, wait! We aren’t trying to leave you traumatized for life, all we’re saying is that choosing an outfit will seem like a cakewalk now that you know what picking the best … Read more

Colorplan Paper Review

Here at Print Peppermint, we buy and sell a ton of paper… 🙁 sorry trees! And, we are really excited about this new paper series from Legion Paper called “Colorplan”. This family of papers contains: 50 meticulously-curated paper colors 25 textured embossings 8 paperweights Take a look at the video below, as Austin breaks out … Read more

What to put on a business card?

There isn’t really a right or wrong answer to this question. It all depends on the type of business you have and which contact channel you’d like to emphasize. Some business owners wish to be contacted by phone and others prefer to have a bit of separation by using email. At any rate, our main … Read more

How much does it cost to have a brochure designed?

It’s a tricky question that still doesn’t have a defined answer. The client who places the order for a brochure design sometimes is unaware of what he really wants. Let me put it this way; he doesn’t know what a brochure actually is. Is it a magazine, catalog, manual, an illustrated book − what? Creative … Read more

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