Creating Digital Prints That Dazzle Your Audience

Source: One of the biggest steps in a digital artist’s career is moving your art from the screen to the homes of the fans who love you. Allowing your digitally created art to flourish as high-quality prints is a fantastic way to not only cut down on the burden of new art creation, but allow … Read more

Letterpress Design: 8 Tips for Success


Like carving the most delicate art, designing a letterpress requires meticulous attention to detail. You need to tailor the design to match the distinctive inking and graphic themes letterpresses are meant for.  Letterpress is an ancient art form that has roots dating back to the 16th century. Though initially limited to metal and wood engravings, … Read more

Embossing vs Debossing: An In-depth Guide


Image Source: Have you ever been to an art gallery or museum and felt a need to touch a textured artwork? We know the feeling, and hope you didn’t touch the valuable fine art. Fortunately for you, using texture isn’t limited to just fine art. You can use texture in your projects for people to … Read more

Analogous & Complementary Colors – What’s the difference and how do I use them in my Graphic Designs?

analogous vs complementary colors

Color is the most basic element in a design. Choosing the right color is key no matter whether the design is meant for marketing, promotion, branding, or simply filling a gap. Understanding of colors depends on many things, and colors have different interpretations in every country because people of different cultures associate colors with different … Read more

Serif vs. Sans-serif fonts, What’s the difference and why should I care?


(img src: Graphic designers have numerous typefaces to choose from. But the first step is to choose between steps that have serifs and fonts which don’t. Keep reading to explore how this choice can impact your designing style.  What are serifs? The small lines attached to alphabets are known as serifs. They probably originated … Read more

Color: RGB vs. Hex vs. CMYK vs. PMS (Pantone) – what’s the difference? VIDEO


(Img Src:–rgb-hex/) Keeping the color precise and consistent in design is not easy. There are millions of designers working on content creation and printing worldwide. On top of that, there are endless varieties of browsers, mobile devices, TVs, and printing methods that make various designs come to life. No one can control the inherent … Read more


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