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Glossy vs Matte Business Cards: Which is Right for You?

Networking is hard. Remembering everyone you meet at a networking event is even harder. Solution? Business cards. But, with so many cards floating around the room, how will anyone remember your business? The details matter to set your business card apart from the pack. The first decision you’ll make when getting a business card made … Read more

Get Noticed: 5 Best Fonts For Business Cards

What do logos, graphic designs, and business cards have in common?  Simple: it’s the fonts used in their various designs. The fonts used for your branding and everything related to your company are integral to your success. Many people don’t pay attention to these things, but they’re important.  If you’re in the market for graphic designs, … Read more

7 Reasons Why You Need Printed Marketing Materials for Branding

In a Forbes article on the top marketing trends of 2019, creativity is identified as a key trend. At a time when it seems that web marketing and digital is the way forward, creative companies are finding print stands out. Standing out against the background noise is a dream result for your marketing strategy. You … Read more

When Was the Printing Press Created? A Brief History of a Crucial Invention

  “The invention of the printing press was one of the most important events in human history”– Ha-Joon Chang It’s possible we’re biased, but we can’t help but agree with Ha Joon Chang. It’s so easy to take simple things for granted: the miracle of electricity, the now-necessity of running water, the humble printing press. … Read more

Print Peppermint vs Moo vs Vistaprint: What’s the Difference?

As an online printer, we get lots of questions. Should my business card be matte or glossy? I want a business card, but I don’t have a design — what do I do? But, by far, the most common question that we get is this, What’s the difference between Print Peppermint and Moo/Vistaprint? The answer to the … Read more

What is brochure design?

What is a Brochure Design? Create a Design that makes a Mark Why are most brochures relegated to the trash can as if they’re a waste of paper? Well, for one, they’re boring and bland and make the reader yawn. Brochures that make your target customers go, “okay, this is the business for me” follow … Read more

5 Modern Business Cards That Ain’t So 2000 and Late

5 Modern Business Cards That Ain’t So 2000 and Late If you gotta get that, you can’t have business cards that don’t have that boom boom pow! If modern business cards are your thing, here are 5 that are future-approved. Business cards might seem like an archaic and boring thing to have. But it’s surprising … Read more

4 Business Card Ideas That Make a Good First Impression

4 Business Card Ideas That Make a Good First Impression You want your business card to make the right impression. But your search for good business card ideas hasn’t turned up any useful results. Don’t worry, we have your back. Check out these 4 super creative business card ideas! Keyword(s): business card ideas The boom … Read more

The Art and Science of Postcard Advertising: Are You Doing It Right?

Top Tips for Effective Postcard Advertising Campaigns Has digital advertising made print advertising useless? Not at all! In fact, successful marketers know how to use digital and traditional methods to get the best results. Here’s a look at how you can do postcard advertising right. Many marketers seem to think that print advertising is becoming … Read more

Sticker Marketing 101: Are Business Stickers Still Relevant in 2018?

Are Business Stickers Still Relevant in 2018? Everyone likes stickers. And that’s one of the reasons why sticker marketing still works today. If you want to know more about business stickers, stick around for some interesting sticker facts! Keyword(s): business stickers Promotional stickers are nothing new. But there’s a reason why they’re still being used … Read more

Stick it to the man with stickers!

Get your community involved with stickers! Why just say your message when you can make it walk around on two legs instead? Introducing stickers — a marvelous invention we didn’t actually invent! Stickers are great at inspiring people to interact with what you have to say. The right design can turn heads and even become … Read more

Cheap Business Cards

Looking For Cheap Business Cards? If you’ve found yourself here you were probably on the hunt for cheap business cards! With literally hundreds of options out there all with astonishingly low prices, how do you know you’re going to get a quality product? One major thing to consider when looking at the quality of cheap … Read more

The Edge… Painting?

If you came here looking for U2 guitarist The Edge‘s magnificent oil paintings, then I’m sorry to say that you mistakenly clicked on the wrong site. But!! If you came here looking for a way to add extra flair to your business cards, then you’re in luck!

Hot Foil Vs Cold Foil – What’s the Difference?

Hot Foil Vs Cold Foil What’s the Difference? Humans are mesmerized by shiny things and like to pay top dollar for jewels and accessories that sparkle. Foil has a nice way of adding that light and dimension to your card design that we as humans are naturally drawn to. The shimmering contrast between the foil … Read more

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