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Target Is Celebrating the Twentieth Years of Designer Teamwork

Target designer collaborations are amazing. Aside from being striking and flashy, they are also daring and brave and, at the same time, easily accessible at a fraction of cost. They push the envelope and ask clients to hang up what they know regarding designer fashion. Therefore, Target chooses to launch amazing pieces to commemorate 20th … Read more

Final Design Mock-up of iPad Pro Revealed with iPhone 11 Pro 3-Cam Bump

The initial physical leak of the latest offering of Apple, which is the new iPad Pro models has assumed surface, with the backside of a replicate tablet exposed with a square triple-lens cam bump in the edge. This is supposedly presenting Apple is bringing the iPhone 11 Pro cameras to its high end and top … Read more

10 Product Label Ideas and Inspirations

As a small business owner or manufacturer, your livelihood often hinges in great part upon your ability to attract customers and communicate your brand. The single best way to achieve these goals is to create a stellar product label that inspires and motivates your customers. How can you create a captivating label? Designing a captivating … Read more

Die Cut Animal Sculptures by

Hi Guys! Austin here, creative director at Print Peppermint. I recently bought some amazing die cut animal sculptures from Berlin-based design company Although a bit pricey, I thought they would be the perfect focus pieces to decorate my kids bedrooms. The assembly took about 4 hours of folding and gluing and required more effort … Read more

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