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A Beginner’s Guide to Product Photography

Ecommerce equals sales equals profit! – a complete myth. Behind the curtain is one critical success factor called product photography, which you can learn now.

How to buy a ready-made business and not be fooled

Image source:×2/2000/20191127190639-shutterstock-431848417-crop.jpeg?width=700&crop=2:1 The global pandemic made people ask themselves questions regarding their plans. It made them be more introspective and assess their mental health, happiness, and stress levels. And many have decided that having your own business is the way to go. Especially during these tough moments everyone goes through, knowing that you are … Read more

3D Animator Resume Example & Writing Tips for 2021

Source 3D animation is a thriving career. Any job searcher in the animation industry needs to be ready for competition. How to stand out? You know the answer – a good resume. To get yourself noticed by a potential employer, you need to work on your resume writing skills. The resume must present you as … Read more

A Complete Guide to Initiate a Business Card Printing Business At Home

  Business cards are immortal. The trend will stay forever. The world of business cards may seem to have gone obsolete due to the quick adoption of digitalization but, it still is the most sought-after service. A business card is one of the most important offline marketing strategies, no matter how digitized we become. It … Read more


Source:  Decades ago, when computers came into existence, keyboards were the main interaction tools between them and users. But then, so much has changed along the way, and now there are multiple ways to send commands and do many things on your computer. Now, you can use the keyboard, a mouse, or a trackpad … Read more


Luke Sutton’s CV Trying to find work as a graphic designer can be challenging. Sometimes it seems that whatever you do you simply can’t nail the right way of showcasing your abilities, experience, features that make you stand out from competitors.  Graphic design is a growing industry that doesn’t plan on stopping its ascension, … Read more

Business Cards in the time of Covid-19

The coronavirus has changed the entire global landscape. It has affected businesses and left millions jobless. However, there have also been many positive developments due to the pandemic. For instance, companies have finally realized that a remote workforce is capable of handling all the work. Many things have gone out of fashion in the wake … Read more

The Art of Design: Tips for Creating Beautiful Powerpoints Every Time

(Image Source: Envato Tuts) Numerous studies have shown that visual information has the highest retention rating. One study by MIT found that presentations delivered orally have roughly a 12 percent recall rate while presentations delivered verbally and orally have a 50 percent recall rate. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most presenters spend hours perfecting their … Read more

Foster your brand’s growth with brilliant customer engagement

Engaged and satisfied customers are the biggest assets for any business. A study found that 63% of consumers would never return to do business with a company after just one bad experience. To add to that, 42% of the customers from the same survey claimed that they would post about their negative experiences online for … Read more

Social Bizz Tools Virtual Business Card App: A Complete Review

Source In today’s digital world, most networking events, conference meetings, and casual social gatherings are taking place in virtual settings. From Skype to Zoom, digital technologies are changing the way people communicate and conduct business.  While conventional, tangible business cards still have their special place, virtual business card apps are changing perceptions.  Of the many … Read more

Best Domains TLDs for Worldwide Business

When creating a business site, using an excellent Top-level Domain (TLD) is crucial. It builds potential customers’ trust through familiarity and a good reputation. It may also improve the site’s online presence compared to the least popular TLDs.  Some TLDs are popular for the use of hosting malicious sites and considered abusive over the internet, … Read more

Call Center Services for Small Businesses: Patterns Of Quality Service

Source: SupportYourApp How important is delivering outstanding customer service for your brand? According to Microsoft, 96 % of consumers feel good customer service is essential when choosing or staying loyal to a brand.  Respondents asked to list what frustrated them most about poor customer service, identified the following as their top concerns: Repeating themselves to … Read more

5 Reasons to Not to Give Up on Your Business While in Quarantine

Increasing your sales in times of crisis doesn’t seem like an attainable idea. But when you reach out to an online marketing service in NYC, you may find out that there is actually a lot of room for creativity. You can not only sustain but even grow your business.

Effective Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners

Anyone can start a blog. Making that blog a success, however, is an entirely different matter. If you are new to this activity, then you are going to need suitable blogging advice, preferably from individuals who have been around the block. Well, if you are looking for blogging tips for beginners, then this is the … Read more

How to become a political blogger in 2020

If you want to get your ideas out and build an audience, starting a blog is the best thing you can do. It is a great way to make some money while maintaining a sense of fulfillment. But before you dive into action, you must have a clear sense of purpose and know exactly what … Read more

Best Free Resources for Self-Education

It’s hard to list all the benefits of a college education, but there’s always one major drawback: accessibility. Whether you lack the time, money, or a flexible schedule, it can be challenging for many people to pursue high education. However, there are more opportunities for online learning than ever before. Distance education learning is quickly … Read more

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