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Graphic Designer – Where To Start Training and Career As a Beginner

What you need to know to become a graphic designer – a list of skills and abilities necessary for a professional, tips, where to start training.

Do you need to have a college degree to be a designer?

Image source: Do you need to have a college degree to be a designer? Graphic designers take on a very big role in the digital world because they create amazing visuals seen every day, every minute, all over the world. These people create entertainment, advertising, news, and features in all forms, including print and … Read more

How to improve writing skills via book reading

Any good essay writer will tell you that reading is imperative to progressing further as a writer. But if you’ve heard this before and it seems like simple or trite advice, you may be wondering why and how it is so important. In this article, we’ll discuss some techniques you can bring to your reading … Read more

6 Things Every Design Student Should Know In 2021

Managing your work in a design school might be a very daunting task for you as a college student. However, you have to work very hard and put in extra hours to succeed and be at the top of the class. This article will shine light upon some tips to help you get the best … Read more

8 Best Business Ideas for College Students for 2021

Want to be financially independent as a student? Tired of working part-time and full-time jobs? Want to start your own business? Well, if the answer to any of these is yes, you’re on the right page. So read on to find out what business opportunities are waiting for you as a student in 2021. College … Read more


Source:  Decades ago, when computers came into existence, keyboards were the main interaction tools between them and users. But then, so much has changed along the way, and now there are multiple ways to send commands and do many things on your computer. Now, you can use the keyboard, a mouse, or a trackpad … Read more

14 Best Design Books for Design Students in 2020

Studying for a degree in design can be hard. Some students may be nervous because they’re starting something new. Their goal is to finish college as quickly as possible while making friends and enjoying their life at university. They have to study under different instructors and submit their projects on time. They may build a … Read more

Design Courses: Why Students Are Interested In Creative Professions In 2020?

Source For most people, the opportunity to freely unleash one’s creativity is reserved for a hobby to take their mind off school or the stress of work. However, for the creative students who decide to follow their passion for creating and make it the focus of their studies, unleashing creativity goes from being a mere … Read more

Typography Tips for Design Students

We can all agree that it’s easy to get caught up in what we already do well. The same is true for graphic design students, who might find their niche and get stuck there. If typography isn’t a natural gift, don’t worry. We have plenty of tips and tricks to help you wield the best … Read more

Best Free Resources for Self-Education

It’s hard to list all the benefits of a college education, but there’s always one major drawback: accessibility. Whether you lack the time, money, or a flexible schedule, it can be challenging for many people to pursue high education. However, there are more opportunities for online learning than ever before. Distance education learning is quickly … Read more

What Should be on a Business Card for a Student or Recent Graduate?

As a young graduate, the process of starting a new career is not easy. You should be ready to deal with a lot of stress that may accompany the whole process. Whether you are the end of your stay in school or you just recently graduated and seeking better career opportunities, there are a lot … Read more

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