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Why Professionally Designed Company Shirts are a Smart Way to Market Your Business

Why Company Shirts are a Smart Way to Market Your Business Are you trying to think of ways to get your company brand in front of more eyes? Here’s why professionally designed company shirts are a great option. It’s not advisable to walk into a Target store wearing a red shirt. That’s because Target’s company … Read more

How to get started in Screen Printing – A Step by Step Tutorial

Although screen-printing is not really our core business here at Print Peppermint, we still love the heck out of it! Many of our team members, including Taro (our lead designer) have particular expertise in screen printing. Things like: hand-pulling screen-printed posters and color separations for apparel printing like T-shirts. In fact, Taro still consults regularly … Read more

Local Artists 5iveFingaz File a Case Against Reebok and Dick Sporting Goods for Ripping His Design

5iveFingaz, a local artist, recently filed a federal case against Reebok and Dick’s Sporting Goods for supposedly using is T-shirt design without his consent. The case was filed last September 11. It claims that international brand Reebok stole 5iveFingaz t-shirt design Love More the Ever and print it on their shirts.The said t-shirts have been … Read more

Anderson Co. Teen Died: Her Best Friend Creates T-Shirt Design

It is already less than a week when Jill Hurst, a teenager from Lawrenceburg has passed away. Jill died due to a car crash, and about days later, life support was taken off, and her body organs were donated. Today, her homeland is admiring her due to her deed with the pink color. Jill Hurst … Read more

University of Tennessee Members of Marching Band Wears T-shirts Designed by Bullied Fan

A member of the University of Tennessee marching band is the first to wear the passionately famous anti-bullying shirt that is inspired by a fourth-grade fan, teased for his home-crafted t-shirt. The Pride of the Southland band were clad in the said t-shirts underneath their uniforms during the University of Tennessee’s game last Saturday over … Read more

Peppermint T-shirts are coming… get excited!

Recently, Taro, our lead designer at Print Peppermint created several concepts for the new Print Peppermint T-shirt and this one was by far the crowd favorite. The shirts will be American Apparel blanks printed with 2 color water-based inks and will be produced in the coming weeks. Cheesy promotional giveaways and design contests to follow… … Read more

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