Taking in Nature: The Top Landscape Photography Tips

landscape photography nature

Do you love landscape photography but don’t know how to make yours look right? You’ve come to the right place. It’s easy to find a beautiful piece of scenery then point and shoot. You can get a perfectly fine picture with your smartphone during a walk along the beach. It’s a different story when you’re … Read more

What is Work-Life Balance: CEO’s Answered

What is Work-Life Balance: CEO’s Answered

There is a misapprehension in the general public, which leads to people to think that to become successful in your career; you have to commit your time or whole life working. As the latest technology made its way into the job and home, our society evolved to look forward to constant interaction and connectivity, making … Read more

Sitting = Reverse Evolution (Health in the Workplace)

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In my work as a personal fitness trainer, lower back pain motivates more people to come seeking help and to actually do the workouts than almost any other symptom. Sitting for long periods at a time, whether at a desk, while driving or in front of a screen causes most of it. The sitting position … Read more


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