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Top 10 Metal Business Cards To Inspire Your Next Project

There’s nothing wrong with going beyond the norm when it comes to carrying around a business card to inspire your next project. Why settle for average and go for normal flimsy business cards when you can reach into your pocket and pull out a metal one? Why metal ones? Why do you even need to ask? Who wouldn’t want emergency ninja stars with your name and number attached to them? Imagine getting mugged, reaching into your pocket, and having available metal? Put them in between your fingers and you have an instant-Wolverine. Let’s take a look at 10 metal business cards to inspire your next project. 

10. Metal Bottle Opener By My Metal Business Card


You can’t go wrong with a 1.5mm thick stainless steel business card. You also can’t go wrong with having one that also opens bottles. What if you see a prospective client across the room struggling to open their bottle. Just slide over with this bad boy, pop off the top, and hand them your card. With any luck, they’ll be a billionaire entrepreneur who can fund your next project. 

9. Starter Pack By My Metal Business Card


If you’re going to weaponize your business cards for self-defense only, then you can’t go wrong with The Starter Pack by My Metal Business Card. These trypophobia-trigger cards have can have holes drilled into them for perfect aerodynamic swinging if you’re ever called up to save the world alongside the X-Men (you might want to stay clear of Magneto though).

8.  Copper Metal Business Cards By Rock Design


Our ancestors fought through disease, war, and famine to be able to mine copper for various reasons and now here we are using them to make business cards. It’s okay, thanks to them we have enough to make business cards.

7. Gunmetal Business Cards By Rock Design

This is the metal business card you would expect to see in a James Bond movie. We’re not sure if this is bullet-proof though, but keep it in your breast pocket anyway. This should only be whipped out of a fancy black-tie suit even if the occasion is casual dress. 

6. Rose Gold Metal Business Cards By Rock Design

This luxurious-looking business card is only fit for the fanciest of people. You need to be on Audrey Hepburn’s level of fancy to be able to pull this card off. Bonus points if you stretch out the word, “darling” as you’re handing people your card, male or female. 

5. Black Metal Business Card By Rock Design

If you’re looking for sleek, then look no further than black metal. Seriously, this looks so sleek that prospective clients might as well hand you cash in exchange for your business card alone. 

4. Luxury Black Metal Business Cards

If you thought black metal looked sleek, then try luxury black metal. You don’t even have to have a successful brand to use these. You could just be a one-man startup with no capital and still look like you’re the VIP of the room. 

3. Gold Metal Cards By Metal Business Cards


If you thought our ancestors went through a hard time with copper, then let me fill you in on the history of gold. Spoiler alert, lots and lots of dead people. Don’t let their deaths be in vain with gold metal

2. Stainless Steel By Metal Business Cards


Everyone wants stainless steel appliances. Why not take it a step further by flexing with stainless steel business cards? You’re guaranteed to at least be able to schmooze middle-aged women. 

1. Titanium Cards From Pure Metal Cards


Who can honestly say they can reach into their pocket and pull out a freaking titanium business card? You could fool anyone into believing you’re a millionaire even though you make a little over what a McDonald’s manager makes. Still, freaking titanium. 

Austin Terrill

Austin is the founder and CEO of Print Peppermint. He loves art, graphic design, printing, music, recording gear, synthesizers, and ice cream. He lives in Berlin with his wife and two children.