Top 10 Wood Business Card Designs To Inspire You

There’s just so much you can do with wood business cards. Seriously, who doesn’t want the opportunity to reach into their pocket while telling prospective clients that you have wood for them? Nobody would turn down the opportunity for a good pun. Let’s take a look at 10 wood business card designs to inspire you. 

10. Printed Business Cards By Cards Of Wood


Somewhere someone thought to make wood business cards. As if they weren’t already killing trees for almost everything else. It’s okay, your brand was worth the death of entire ecosystems. 

9. Cherry Wood Business Card By My Wood Business Card


There’s just something so romantic about cherry wood trees. There’s something even more romantic about handing your information on the carcass of a cherry wood tree. Prospective clients will know to take you seriously.

8. Mahogany Wood Business Cards By My Wood Business Card


Others may be able to brag about their new mahogany furniture, but you, you’ll be able to brag about your new mahogany business card. Who needs entire furniture when you have something close to a mahogany coaster you can carry around with you. 

7. Red Cedar Wood Business Cards By My Wood Business Card


People have to travel far to see red cedar trees. Others, like you, can just carry red cedar wood like a big shot.  If anything, the aroma of red cedar will give prospective clients a rush of endorphins. 

6. Maple Business Cards By Digital Sketch


When you think of maple, you think of pancakes and sausages. The more prominent among you will think of furniture, so having a maple business card appeals to both the well-off and fixed-income networkers.

5. Walnut Wood Business Cards By My Metal Business Card


If you’re looking for a darker shade of wood for those networking occasions with dimmed lights, then look no further than walnut wood. Handing one of these to a prospective client will ensure your relationship walnut fail… get it?

4. Kiri Wood Business Cards By My Metal Business Card


Kiri wood comes from a tree in Southeast Asia. Kiri wood gives a little old-timey feel to your business card. This is perfect if you’re dealing with clients nostalgia for old-timey saloons. 

3. Bamboo Business Cards By Plasma Design


Bamboo is another tree that comes from Asia. They’re the trees used to pretty much make everything from scaffolding to food for Panda bears. At least if you ever encounter a wild docile panda bear in the wild, you have a handy treat for it. 

2. Finnish Birch By Plasma Design


Finnish Birch comes from a tree more native to Finland and Russia. On the outside, it may look like a zebra, but on the inside, it smells of success. Laser-cut your info onto one of these and just watch the business flow in. 

1. Western Country Rustic Scratched Wood Grain Business Card By Zazzle


You know how couples sketch their names into trees in hopes it’ll last forever? Imagine just taking that bit out of the tree and making it a business card. Nothing like reminding a prospective client that they’re no longer with their childhood crush. 

This last one is technically not made out of wood, but rather printed on paper (as a traditional business card) with a wooden texture as the background.

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