Print on Wood. Timeless.

Choose a timeless material for your business cards and other branded print material – from cherry to oak, every sheet has its own unique pattern.

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Recycled Paper: A Quick Guide for Sustainable Designers

According to the United States EPA, virgin paper causes 74% and 35% more air and water pollution than recycled paper and helps prevent deforestation.  However, one disadvantage of using recycled paper is waste sludge. The deinking process used in recycled paper processing may result in 20% sludge by weight per recycled paper.   What Does Recycled … Read more

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Top 10 Wood Business Card Designs To Inspire You

There’s just so much you can do with wood business cards. Seriously, who doesn’t want the opportunity to reach into their pocket while telling prospective clients that you have wood for them? Nobody would turn down the opportunity for a good pun. Let’s take a look at 10 wood business card designs to inspire you.  … Read more

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Our 8 Favorite Square Business Card Holders and Cases!

Nothing beats a well-designed square business card. It screams: “I’m modern business!” at the top of its lungs while subtly shooting branding laser beams into everyone’s eyes. Ok, maybe it doesn’t have laser beam technology… yet. But, square business cards are the hottest-thing-since-sliced-bread. So, we thought that anything that’s this saturated in design and branding elements … Read more


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