We design & print creative high-end custom business cards on massively thick paper, using soy-based inks and traditional letterpress and offset presses.

We Design & Print:

Our clients are mostly graphic designers, ad agencies, small business owners, and non-profit organizations who have an affinity for good design and a passion for printing.


Silk Business Cards >

Silk business cards or silk laminated business cards have a super sexy matte look and a soft touch to match. Available in 18 pt, 32 pt duplex, and triple thick 48 pt.


Plastic Business Cards >

Plastic business cards are available in frosted or clear translucent, solid white, and black satin plastic. Plastic cards come 20 or 30 pt thick  – choose gloss or matte finish.


Foil Business Cards >

Foil business cards are produced in two ways: hot foil stamping or inline full color cold foil. Hot foil is printed on 18, 32, & 48 pt silk and cold foil on 16 or 28 pt silk.


Letterpress Cards >

Letterpress business cards come on a variety of mega thick textured stocks like: 42 pt crane lettra, 42 pt craft, 50 pt black crest, & 60 pt ahlstrom. Add painted edges, foil, and die cutting.


Die Cut Business Cards >

Die cut business cards come in two forms. Choose one of our 50 premade die cut shapes to be printed on 18 pt silk or design a custom die cut card on 18, 32, 48 pt silk or 34 pt cotton.


Spot UV Business Cards >

Spot UV or “spot gloss” business cards give a unique and creative visual and textural contrast. Available on 16 pt matte and 18, 32, 48 pt silk. Combine with foil, embossing, die cutting.

Custom Business Card Finishes

Black-Business-Cards-Hot-Foil-Stamp_6748Foil Stamping

Traditional hot foil stamping is a great way to add brilliance and shine to your business card project. Choose from over 20 standard foil colors, including hologram gold and silver.

Does your design require more than 1 foil color? No problem! Our instant pricing calculator allows you to easily add a 2nd foil color. If your design requires more than 2 foil colors, simply request a custom quote.

thick-business-cards-duplex-2ply-triplex-3ply_0528Colored / Painted Edges

So you’ve chosen to print your card on a mega thick paper stock and you want to show it off? Add hand painted edge coloring in 20+ standard colors, including metallic and fluorescent inks. Colored edges are available in standard colors on any of the following business cards: 18 pt silk, 32 pt silk, 48 pt silk, 34 pt cotton. For our premium letterpress business cards choose any Pantone PMS color for the edges.

IMG_1845Custom Die Cutting

We’ve taken all the complications out of pricing custom die cut jobs by standardizing the process. No die or setup fees here. Get all inclusive pricing for your die cut project today… even the shipping is free!

Black-Business-Cards-Hot-Foil-Stamp_2781Embossing / Debossing

Want to add a bit of dimension and depth to your business card design? Smooth move! Embossing and debossing is available on any of our silk business cards. If you are fortunate enough to be printing letterpress business cards with us, then your text and design elements will naturally be debossed into the fibers of the thick stocks as a bi-product of the letterpress process.

Silk Lamination

For those who don’t already know, silk lamination is a process by which a printed paper stock is sandwiched in between two layers of thin matte laminated film. But why? For many reasons, but mostly because it gives the print a super smooth high-end look and feel. On top of giving your design a modern & flat look, the two layers of silk also make your card thicker and more durable.

Lastly, if your design has full bleed solid coverage dark ink colors (like black) then silk lamination will ensure that your card is trimmed with perfectly clean and crisp edges, every time. You see, when a standard or unlaminated card is printed with a dark fill color it often times will show what is called “edging” where the white fibers of paper will show through the printed ink on or near the edges of the card.

Duplexing (double thick) / Triplexing (triple thick)

Duplexing is a process by which two paper stocks are adhered together in order to create an extra thick printed piece and/or to combine different color paper stocks (ie – white paper + black paper).

Duplexing is available as a standard option on our silk cards and on any of our premium unocated / natural cards such as our 34 pt cotton and mohawk superfine. If your project requires combining paper stocks outside our standard offering, please request a custom quote.

Spot UV / Spot Gloss

Spot uv is a process where a clear glossy uv coating is applied to certain design elements or “spots” while the other areas remain matte / flat. This allows designers to highlight important elements on the card such as a logo or name, or to create visual and textural constrast.

We are really big fans of using spot uv in more creative and non-traditional ways. For example, instead of doing the obvious thing like highlighting a logo, instead choose to add depth and dimension to your design by adding a subtle repeating background pattern printed in spot uv.

PMS Spot Color Printing

Does your design require a perfect color match in order to stay in line with your company’s brand standards? Well, the Pantone Color Matching System (PMS) is your new best friend. Although most of our products are produced using 4-color process we do offer spot color printing as a custom service, request a custom quote today.

Top 3 Custom Business Card FAQs

What the heck is a silk laminated business card?

One question we get from our clients all the time is… what is silk lamination? Quite simply silk lamination is a water and tear resistant matte film. It earned the name “silk” due to the extra smooth and luxury it adds to any printed piece.

If you’ve ever purchased an Apple product – all the packaging is covered in silk lamination. This is a great way to get a feel for silk before placing your business card order. Don’t forget you can also order a sample pack which includes several silk laminated cards. Our silk business cards can be foiled, embossed, die-cut, duplexed, and applied with spot uv.

*When designing your silk cards, please keep in mind that your colors will dull slightly due to the matte film.

What is a letterpress business card?

Letterpress Business Cards – are timeless, traditional, & precious. Letterpress is one of the oldest forms of relief printing, creating the crispest impressions and finest printed lines imaginable. The spirit and vigor of our design team creatives in conjunction with the beautiful nuances of this old traditional printing method makes for some of the most exciting business cards the world has even seen. Choosing Print Peppermint’s letterpress business cards means choosing a hand crafted and delicate production service performed by only the most passionate lovers of the printed form. The first step in this process involves creating a custom metal plate of your design which will be used to impress the ink into the fibers of the card stock, leaving a stunning debossed imprint. This high end printing service creates only the most elegant of pieces – perfect for companies who want their business cards  to show that their attention to detail is relentless.

Will my design work for a plastic business card?

Please note that on our 20 pt frosted plastic cards the ink printed areas will not be fully solid and may print up to 30% lighter than what appears in the digital proof we send to you before printing.  To compensate for this softening of the colors you can over-saturate your colors before saving your print-ready files.

If your design requires fully SOLID ink printed areas then please choose our 30 pt frosted cards + white backer.