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Do you need to have a college degree to be a designer?

January 19, 2022

Image source: jobiano.com Do you need to have a college degree to be a designer? Graphic designers take on a very big role in the digital world because they create amazing visuals seen every day, every minute, all over the world. These people create entertainment, advertising, news, and features in all forms, including print and … Read more

Home 2021 Clean, Print Peppermint

It’s Not Yet Time to Stop Print Advertising

January 18, 2022

In this emerging digital world, print ad revenues have declined over the years, and then came the pandemic. Data shows that the top 25 newspapers in the US have lost 20% of their weekday print circulation between the first quarter of 2020, and Q3 2021. However, it is still impractical for brands to skip this … Read more

Home 2021 Clean, Print Peppermint

What Is Lab Color Space? And what should you know about it?  

January 10, 2022

Introduction: You might be familiar with RGB and CMYK. But what is lab color space? Whether you’re a graphic and color geek or a common man, we have answered this question simply. Anyone can understand it. Although it has some numbers and mathematical complexities, we are not going there today. Our main focus is to … Read more

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