Best Business Cards for Medical Professionals

It is a well-known fact that a business card can give great insight into the person or company they belong to. The choice of colors, font, alignment, and graphics says a lot about the brand identity that the owner is trying to emulate. Like every professional, doctors also require business cards to generate leads.

For medical professionals, there are some tried and tested tricks to make a good business card. Using single graphics, relating to their specialization works very well. Some even use symbols and graphics which can be generalized to the entire healthcare profession. Often, the colors and tones used are simple and monotoned. The color blue is especially popular.

If you’re a doctor looking to make some great business cards for yourself, here’s some inspiration for you.

The We Care, Business Card

This adorable business card goes perfectly with its name “We Care”. The yellow color gives off happy and warm vibes, associating a feeling of warmth and care with the card owner. The cute little graphic makes it obvious what this business is about, but its light and animated touch soften somberness associated with hospitals.

The simple white background tones down the bright front perfectly. Direct information is given on the card to save any kind of confusion. The text alignment gives it a very airy and open feel.

These types of cards are particularly suitable if you’re a pediatrician!

Best Business Cards for Medical Professionals


The Modern Blue Professional Dental Appointment Card

This card is perfect for all dentists. The tooth graphic not only adds a nice aesthetic touch to the card but also tells the client who the professional is at once!

The deep and cool blue and grey color tones attach an illusion of calmness and trust with the doctor. Considering that this is a card for a dentist, whom people are generally afraid of, establishing a cool and calm image is extremely important. The text used is simple and very readable. The best part? This card doubles as an appointment slip!

All in all, this is a very practical card, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

Best Business Cards for Medical Professionals
Best Business Cards for Medical Professionals


The Optometrist Business Card

Sleek and simple, this card doesn’t need many words. In fact, it needs none. The glasses graphic is pretty self-explanatory. The minimalistic design of the card gives it a very airy and spacious look, while the hip glasses insinuate a cool and serious, yet non-uptight, personality.

With the text going at the back, there is no cluttering on the card giving it a very pleasing look. The time tested white and black professional combination is used, however, the best part about this card is that it would look good in any color. That means that it can be printed in multiple colors.

Best Business Cards for Medical Professionals
Best Business Cards for Medical Professionals


Modern Gray Psychiatrist Business Card

This business card combines brains (literally) with beauty. Funky yet elegant, it gives a creative look to professionals who aren’t usually associated with creativity.

The brain with the exclamation marks symbolizes what the professional does, and also what you as a client can expect. The cool undertones of the card give off cool vibes, establishing the professional as someone who the client can be calm around, and trust.

You can tell who the card belongs to and what the person does in the first look. The rest of the information goes at the back, symbolizing that the owner is a very open, yet organized person.

Best Business Cards for Medical Professionals


  1. The Green Hummingbird Logo Naturopaths Business Card

Simple and minimalistic, this card makes great use of colors. The simple logo and the green and white refer to the nature of the services provided (nature therapy).

Again, there isn’t much on the front other than the name, so that the client can immediately know whose card it is, but at the same time, it is not too cluttered and congested.

The gray at the back provides a nice contrast to the white front. The space at the bottom for a quote helps customize the card and give it a personal touch!

This card is great for medical professionals in mental health as well as the marijuana treatment field.

Best Business Cards for Medical Professionals


The Cardiologist Business Card

This card makes the perfect use of simplistic line graphics and text. Tailor-made for cardiology professionals, the card uses a sleek and stylish heart-rate graphic.

The red color brightens the black background and makes it stand out immediately. The clean but clear font and the black color gives a serious, businesslike image, insinuating that the card owner takes his work very seriously.

This design can also work well if you switch the black and white with each other.

Best Business Cards for Medical Professionals


MMJ America Business Card

At first glance, these cards stand out from the rest. This is because unlike most business cards, these have round cut edges, which give them a very distinct look.

The neon green on black stands out, taking your attention immediately to what the card is saying. The font used is simple and spacious, giving the card a very airy feel. The black and white not only contrast well with each other but also help highlight the green, as well as the image printed at the back of the text.

This card gives off an image of an open, reliable, and a very unique and fresh brand.

Best Business Cards for Medical Professionals


Whether you’re serious and business-like or calm and fun, this list has something for all you medical professionals. You can take inspiration from one design, or even mix up a couple, to make one according to your taste and brand. Get creative and get started! Your business card can take you a long way.

Austin Terrill

Austin is the founder and CEO of Print Peppermint. He loves art, graphic design, printing, music, recording gear, synthesizers, and ice cream. He lives in Berlin with his wife and two children.

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