Need a business card design?

We do that! At Print Peppermint we offer 3 custom affordable business card design service packages for you to choose from. 

The "Good" Package

$99 (3 revision sets)

A great entry level option for budget-conscious startup companies and/or small businesses in need of good design that will take them to the next level.


The "Better" Package

$199 (5 revision sets)

Our "go to" package, a great balance between quality and cost. 5 revision sets, great for exploring different options and layout options.

The "Best" Package

$299 (8 revision sets)

Our top shelf design package. Only the most experienced members of our design team work on your project to produce the highest quality product.


Experience Matters

With over 10 years of design experience, our highly skilled team of professional graphic designers can turn your business card concept into a reality. Whether you are wanting a sleek clean minimal design or a robust highly detailed business card, we got you covered. Simply fill out the background, style, contact information in the form and attach your current high resolution logo file/files and you're good to go! Attach a sketch or links to business cards that you already like for an even quicker return.

Need help finding a style that suits you?

Not a problem, ask our designers! All our designers take pride in being experts on the latest trends in print media. Just let us know and we can provide you with custom mood boards and color palates that target your market. Alternatively, check out our InstagramPinterestweb gallery, or order our sample pack for inspiration! From small business to fortune 500, we're sure you'll find a design package that suits your needs.

What Do You Get?

All packages include 3 custom concepts, quick delivery, source files, and a money back guarantee. 

Price Calculator

The "Good" Package

A great entry level option for budget-conscious startup companies.

The "Better" Package

Our most popular package, a great balance between quality and cost.

The "Best" Package

Only the most experienced designers work on your high-end designs.

Total :$ 99.00

Proofs Explanation

Click here to download a blank pdf proof.


Proof Key:

Information on the symbols/color coding used in proofing.

Important Info:

Information/design tips for creating a successful final product. Please read this information.

Production Methods:

Breakdown of how your design will be printed. All masks and print files will be displayed here.  

Print Specs:

Details of paper stock as card card-body as the production methods listed.

Mock Up:

A simulation of what your finished card will look like. Please note the final product will differ slightly from the mock up.

Important Stuff:

Details on contacting us and print policy. 



We love and cherish our products and our customers! As a design minded boutique printer we take pride in our quality and craftsmanship. Choosing us will not only mean that you will get a high quality product, but also quick and helpful support from a team of print industry experts.


Only The Best!

Our products are carefully curated and tested so that we can ensure the highest quality of work. Printing on a state of the art 4 color offset presses at 500 lines/inch as card card-body as stocking only the choicest papers, foils, and inks it's safe to say, we don't make standard cards only exceptional ones.

Refreshingly Creative!

Our designers and research team are constantly innovating and remixing our products to provide you with unique specialty cards. By experimenting on new paper stocks and combining finishes in new ways or by pushing the boundaries of design, we are always working towards creating new products that will help you stand out from the crowd.


We Care!

We stand behind our products. By company policy every project that comes into our hands is proofed and approved by the customer before we print. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, the amazing Print Peppermint Customer Support Team will work with you to fix it.

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