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Let your card do all the talking with tons of creative special finishes, premium papers, and luxury print methods.

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Be different with our meticulously curated selection of premium papers and materials such as: thick, layered, soft touch, plastic, wood, metal, and more!

Make Your Business Stand Out With Print Peppermint’s Business Cards Printing Services

Looking for business cards printing? Print Peppermint is at your service! Our accessible and quality printing services are here to support all business owners in adding a professional touch to their image and getting a business card that truly represents them.

Print Peppermint provides comprehensive printing services that aim to support business owners and entrepreneurs with everything they need.

We’ve been in the business since 2010, and over the years we’ve built a strong reputation for quality and dependable business card printing services you can tap into at any time. Our services are here to inspire you, help you take your rough idea to the next level, or just help you access quality printing services for your current business card template!

We encourage you to check out our selection of business cards designs, or to reach out to us directly for a custom quote on your order!

Business Personal Cards: Who Needs Them?

Since it’s a digital world, you may believe most businesses have moved on from the traditional business card, but that’s not the case. Business cards still have an amazing role to play in today’s landscape.

When done right, a business card can have an amazing effect on your overall business, such as:

  • Impressive potential clients or partners
  • Strengthening your brand image and direction
  • Ideal when participating in events
  • Offer an easy way for people to remember and contact you
  • Set yourself apart from the competition and get more visibility
  • An affordable way to network and promote your business
  • Offer you a more professional, and even official look, etc.

As a result, everyone can benefit from business card printing! No matter if you’re:

  • The owner of a big, medium, or even small business
  • Someone just getting started as an entrepreneur
  • A freelancer looking to make things more official
  • A consultant or company representative looking to connect with potential customers easily

And more!

Whether it’s a classic business card or just a name card that lets people know how to easily contact you, printing business cards is still a relevant service today and will be for a long time. Investing in them will not be for nothing!

Business Card Printing Near Me?

Looking for business card printing services will yield many options, some of which may even be around the corner from your office or home.

However, before you opt for a brick and mortar printing company, check out some of the unique benefits online printing service providers like Print Peppermint can offer:

  • More Affordable Rates – Since we don’t have the same overhead costs as brick and mortar printing companies, we are able to provide our services at highly competitive rates, which is a huge advantage to all our clients. It allows them to get the exact number of business cards they genuinely need to make a difference, while also not compromising on design or quality;
  • Convenience – You can find your favorite design (or upload one you already have), add the details, and send the order in minutes, from the comfort of your office or living room. We understand you’re busy and trying to grow your business, so we’ve made sure our business card printing services are as accessible as possible;
  • Great Choice in Designs, Paper, Colors, and More – We set out to inspire all our potential customers to get the business card of their dreams, so even if you don’t know what your cards should look like, our wide selection of designs can help you find some inspiration. Additionally, all the cards can be tailored to your liking, ensuring the end result always meets your expectations;
  • Order from Anywhere – Don’t have a business card printing service near you? Doesn’t matter! You don’t have to travel to your business card printing from Print Peppermint. Just place your orders from your hometown and we will ship your cards directly to your doorstep;
  • Amazing Customer Support – The Print Peppermint customer support team is always available to answer your questions, help you fine-tune your order, and offer expert support and guidance tailored to your needs. Our designers, printing staff, and managers have solved over 170,000 customer support tickets between them, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them whenever needed!
  • Samples – D you need to know the “feel” of the card before you commit? Or want to get a better idea of how the cards look in real life? Then opt for our business card samples and receive a curated set of different cards. This helps you assess the quality of our business cards printing services, and give you a better idea of which style, colors, or even finishing touches work best for your brand vision.

Peppermint’s business card printing services have been specifically tailored to help everyone generate stunning cards with minimal hassle. You could customize the cards to your liking and potentially place your orders in just a few minutes.

If that sounds exactly like what you need right now, check out our unique designs and place your orders today!

Templates for Business cards: Where to Find Free Business Card Designs

Business card templates can come in quite handy when you’re looking for inspiration for your own cards. Luckily, there are many many different places where you can find stunning business card designs in different styles, color palettes, fonts, and even printing styles!

And the first place to start is right here on the Print Peppermint website! We currently have more than 40 options created by our card designers, such as:

  • Rounded corners
  • Spot UV
  • Foil metallic
  • Raised Spot UV
  • Painted edge
  • Holographic
  • Cotton or linen

And more!

Print Peppermint’s selection of business card designs is sure to inspire any business owners or entrepreneur in defining their brand look, so we encourage you to browse our catalog and see which design speaks most to you!

From modern and minimalist designs to bold colors, eye-catching fonts, and stylish printing styles, anyone can find the right fit for a business card in our store.

And if you’re worried about using an already-made template, don’t worry: we offer card customization options that will help you tailor the business cards to your specific needs.

Business Card Customization

Print Peppermint offers business card customization specifically because we understand how important it is for a business card to truly represent you and what you stand for.

And that’s hard to achieve with pre-made designs that follow a specific style, which is why when you shop for business cards in our store, you can choose a variety of customizations options to truly make the cards your own:

  • Shapes, such as the standard, square, or even mini cards
  • Straight or rounded corners
  • Type of paper, such as uncoated, silk, glossy, and more
  • Foil colors

And more!

At Print Peppermint, you can truly make a business card that 100% represents you and your business. And if our design templates don’t suit you, don’t worry – we have other great options to help you access the style and design you truly need!

Design a Business Card

Our premium business card builder is an easy online tool that can help you create a brand new business card from scratch. If you have some idea about what the cards should look like, or are looking for more options, definitely turn to this builder!

Simply visit the page and choose the elements that work best for your vision:

  • Shape: Choose between rectangle, square, circle, mini, or even custom shapes;
  • Paper thickness and size
  • Paper filter: Choose the colors and paper type for your business card to get the exact look and feel you want for the cards;
  • Finishing touches: Choose from a variety of stylish finishes such as foil stamping, rounded corners, letterpress printing, folding, and more!

Our customer business card builder makes it easy for you to create or upload your design and get your custom business cards! Not only that but if you want a professional opinion on your design, just check the PRO Art Review box at the bottom of the page.

This will send your design to our Art Director, who will personally review it and provide recommendations on how to enhance it – if necessary. We don’t mess with perfection!

Additionally, if you need more export support in designing your cards, Print Peppers offers specialized business card designs services with a fast turnaround and a money-back guarantee. Simply fill out this form and tell us more about your vision, and the creative team will design the business cards from scratch, based on your directions!

How to Make Business Cards at Home and for Free

We understand that as you’re trying to grow your business, most of your funds may be going into your operations and advertising. It’s why we also offer our clients the option to upload their own business cards to our site and have them printed out.

This way, you essentially only pay for the printing services, and not the design services. If you don’t have any design experience, don’t worry: there are many online resources like that allow you to easily create stunning designs.

Here are some benefits of these services:

  • They provide lots of free templates for business cards and other marketing efforts (social media posts, logos, posters, etc.) you can customize to your linking to make the card fit;
  • The tools are intuitive and easy to use even if you don’t have design experience;
  • Work with a catalog of free photos, graphic elements, and fonts to tailor the cards to your exact vision
  • Create and generate your business card to your liking in mere minutes, for free!

When you’re happy with your design, you can simply email us your design and choose all the finishing touches, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Office Depot Same Day Business Cards versus Print Peppermint

If you’re looking for business cards for cheap, the office depot same-day cards are certainly a popular choice.

However, generating your business card is not a decision you should rush into. The card itself is representative of you and your business, which means the design should ideally speak true to your core values and brand direction.

While we do not offer same-day business card printing, we do offer:

  • Affordable rates – Our customization options help you control exactly how much the business card will cost. If you have more questions about our rates, we encourage you to reach out and get a custom quote from us;
  • Fast and reliable turnaround – We take great measures to ensure the quality of all our printed materials, and the business cards are no exception. While this means your cards might not be delivered on the same day you place your order, you can trust we take care of all projects in a timely manner, and our customer support team can keep you in the loop with any updates. You will receive your cards in pristine condition when you need them!
  • Expertise and professional support – We pay close attention to details and ensure you are completely happy with the design before we send it to print. If you opt for our design service, you can rest assured you will get the business card that perfectly suits your company!

And more!

Print Peppermint’s team of designers and print experts are here to lend a hand and help you get the business card you need to help your business grow.

No matter if you’re just starting and looking for business card design inspiration, or want to revamp your existing cards to better suit your brand direction, our printing services can offer you exactly what you need!

If you wish to know more about our services, we’re always available for a chat, so book a short call with us or shoot us an email with all your questions.

To get started on your business card printing, tell us more about your project and get your no-commitment custom quote and a free consultation on your creative vision.

We look forward to turning your business card vision into reality!

Try Our Custom Business Cards Configurator!

Build the Business Cards of your dreams! Customizing everything!

  1. Choose your Shape
  2. Choose your Paper
  3. Add your Finishings

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Business Cards Frequently Asked Questions

Are mini business cards a good idea?

Well… we think so! And here’s why: 1. They’re good for the environment (save paper & ink) 2. They’re different, something rather than the standard 2″ x 3.5″ 3. They can be used as hangtags (just use a hand punch to knock out a hole) 4. They’re humble and cute 5. They take up less room in your pocket 🙂

Are plastic business cards waterproof?

Yes. Plastic business cards are on-trend right now, as they are more durable and unique-looking than traditional paper cards. Typically made of flexible but tough PVC plastic, these business cards will look sharp even if you expose it to water, coffee, and other liquids. And it holds its shape even if it’s kept in a wallet. When considering plastic business cards, you may want to choose high-gloss plastic. It makes your designs pop. Also, you’d want to print on both sides for an overall standout effect.

Do square business cards fit in a wallet?

Yes. Given that they are smaller than the typical 3.5-inch sized business card, square cards can fit nicely into a wallet. And not only that, square business cards fit inside a fob pocket (the small pocket in your jeans), or in a shirt pocket. But don’t think that the smaller size means it is less memorable. As a matter of fact, square business cards tend to stand out more. For one, they have a different shape so they are more interesting to look at. Also, as they are smaller, they usually feature simple but vibrant designs. Square business cards are … Read more

How are business cards called in English, Deutsch, Spanish and other languages?

In English, they’re called “business cards”. Auf Deutsch werden sie “Visitenkarten” genannt. En español, se llaman “tarjetas de presentación”. En français, on les appelle des “cartes de visite”. في اللغة العربية ، يطلق عليهم بطاقات العمل. In italiano si chiamano “biglietti da visita”. हिंदी में, उन्हें व्यवसाय कार्ड कहा जाता है।

How big are mini business cards?

Our standard mini size is 1.5″ inches x 3.5″ inches But, if this doesn’t suit your needs we can custom cut your cards to any size, start a custom order here.

Using Microsoft Word to Make Business Cards

Business cards leave a lasting impression. A business card can either make or mar your business. It can draw more customers to you just as it can send customers running away from you. The value of a business card cannot be undermined as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Currently, a lot of new businesses are being born with each passing day. These businesses come with different goals, motives, and aims. And all of these businesses need the general public to be aware of their products and patronize them in other to make a profit. One way to create speedy awareness … Read more

What are laminated business cards?

We start off with a rigid 16pt cover stock, then after printing, we sandwich the paper between two thin layers of clear-matte film. But why, you ask? The soft-touch lamination adds: a soft to the touch feeling extra-strength & durability enhanced water resistance bend & scratch resistance clean, crisp trimmed edges (no fraying) desirable high-end muted color effect

What are turnaround times for foil business cards?

The production queue for our standard foil cards take 3-4 business days + shipping (usually 1 or 2 business days). Our premium foil business cards have a production turnaround of 7-9 business days + shipping (usually 1 or 2 business days).

Can I print double sided on your plastic cards?

Yes — you can print double-sided on your plastic cards. You can print on both sides of your 20 pt and 30 pt thick white plastic cards. You can also do the same on 30 pt clear or frosted plastic business cards. However, you can’t print double-sided on 20 pt clear or frosted cards.

How do I design a business card?

How to Design A Business Card: A Step-By-Step Guide   Design by: Shakil Rahman   “Good design is like a refrigerator – when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks.” – Irene Au   Trillions of cards are being printed at this very moment. But only a handful of them will find their way in files saved carefully in drawers, or at the back of frames so they’re never lost. But what makes those cards worth saving and not the rest? This is your job, as a designer, to ensure that your business card not … Read more

How do I setup a Spot Gloss UV artwork?

Our premium plastic business cards are made of quality polypropylene. Available in a range of finishes and thickness, you can have your pick of durable plastic business cards to suit your brand. Polypropylene is 100% recyclable, so these cards are considered eco-friendly options. In terms of thickness, our 30 PT cards feature the standard credit card size. These plastic cards are thick and sturdy, ideal for marketing and networking activities. Here are the different finishes you can choose from: Clear – completely transparent Frosted – semi-transparent and slightly see-through Opaque – solid white cards and not transparent at all Keep … Read more

What Is The Size of A Business Card in Pixels

There was, perhaps, a time when all business cards were the same size (at least all business cards in the same geographic region), but that time has come and gone. Today, although a “standard” size does still exist, there are many other common sizing options, too. So, how can you know precisely how many pixels make up your business card dimensions? Simply follow this handy guide to match your business card type with the corresponding size, and you should have a pretty clear picture of what you’re working with. US Standard In the United States and Canada, a standard business … Read more

What business card shapes do you offer?

We offer 7 standard business card shapes. We can also do custom work if you would rather have your business card stand out than blend in with the stack of cards your prospects are taking home after a conference. With our die cutting service, you can turn any shape you can dream up into a reality. Here are all of your options: US Standard: 3.5”x2.0” Square: 2.5”x2.5” Mini: 1.5”x3.5” European: 2.125”x3.375” Rounded Corner: 2”x2” or 2.5”2.5” Folded: 3.5”x4” or 2”x7” Circle: 2” or 2.5” diameter circles Oval: 2”x3.5” Die Cut. Any custom shape

Why does my business card crack around the edges?

When business cards crack around the edges, it is usually because card might contain high values of ink, as in dark colors. CLOSE UP OF BUSINESS CARD Cracked Edges This occasionally happens on a smaller fraction of cards in the run. Use lighter colors to avoid this or use little ink as possible when using dark colors. 


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