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Browse the best ideas for unique Car Wash Business Cards. Competing in this industry is tough, which means you need to stand out with the perfect card. Whether you are searching for modern, luxury, or affordable examples, you are sure to find something.

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    3 Unique Ideas for 2021

    • Idea #1

      Use spot gloss uv to make water droplets shiny as they splash down on a car being washed.

    • Idea #2

      Die cut card in the shape of those big rollers inside the car wash.

    • Idea #3

      Since you are working with water all day, perhaps a 100% waterproof plastic or metal business card would be in order.

    Super Unique, Luxurious Car Wash Business Cards

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    Car Wash Business Cards

    Make your car wash a hotspot for potential customers by making car wash business cards with our customizable templates and cutting edge online design software. The best part: you don’t need to be an Adobe expert to make it work on our platform. All you need to do is select a template, choose a legible font, add your car wash images, and display your contact info.

    And if you need printing services, we’ve got you covered there as well. Our printers specialize in various paper stocks, design techniques, and sizes to accommodate your needs and preferences.

    All car was businesses are different. Some are automated, some have self-service facilities, and some are full service. Depending upon your setup, you need to make business cards consistent with your business’s unique selling points. This is the only way to rise above your competition and make your marketing campaign a roaring success.

    Many car wash centers are self-service hubs. If you are a proud self-service car wash owner, you’ll have to make a business card to connect with buyers and other industry professionals, along with spreading the word about your business.

    As a self-service car wash business, you can choose two routes. You can either use a cartoon graphic from our stock library or add an HD photograph of your car wash business.

    While the car wash industry is gradually evolving into a global self-service operation, old school people still prefer full-service car washes. If you are a full-service car wash, you’ll have to focus on your messaging.

    Your business card should list the services that come with a full service clearly and succinctly. If you have some extra white space, you can also promote some special services on offer.

    If you have a gas station slash car wash service, you can make some extra bucks by offering a car wash to any customer who fills up on gas.

    You can also make your promotional campaign a success by offering a free car wash for every 10 car washes done. To campaign this promotion, you can make a promotional punch card with one of our many customizable templates.

    If you’re in the business of selling car wash supplies, you will need images of car wash supplies on your business card. We have covered even here.

    A lot of our stock images cater to customers looking for such images. However, if you don’t find anything you like, you can load up your images, and our design software will happily oblige!

    Realizing all these scenarios, our online editing tool has been designed to provide a lot of design flexibility. You can add your photos or select from our library of stock photos, tinker around with business card borders, choose different business card shapes — the possibilities are endless.

    Whether you are designing your own car wash business card or looking for a company to manage your project, you can expect top-notch quality. We don’t settle for standard inkjet printers. Instead, we use high-quality offset presses to make sure the artwork, stock paper, and everything else is a piece of work!

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