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    3 Unique Ideas for 2021

    • Idea #1

      Lazer cut metal card in the shape of key.

    • Idea #2

      Black glossy foil on premium black suede paper.

    • Idea #3

      Something with a headshot, you know you wanna!

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    Get ideas from 10 of the best business cards for real estate agents we’ve found on the net.

    If you work in real estate, a great business card is essential. It is a fantastic way to share your contact details, but it is also a way to expand your personal brand further and generate some trust and familiarity with your customers. Keep reading to learn more about 11 stunning business cards that will give you so much credibility and style. Any good realtor knows that first impressions are truly vital. A business card that really represents your brand to perfection can be a perfect add on to your story and your identity in the industry.

    1) Re/Max

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    Source: Rock Design

    What makes the Re/Max business card special, you ask? At first glance, it might seem like a lot of other cards out there. However, the magic happens once you start looking a little bit closer. It is all about that texture, and that high quality that shows confidence and market dominance.

    2) Klemich Real Estate

    Source: Parallax Design

    This business card is a great example of a tasteful spin on a modern design. Each card has a different color, printed on beautiful paper. There are holes as well, which are decorative and stylish.

    3) Keller Williams

    Print Best %title% Online
    Source: RockDesign

    this is one of the biggest names in the real estate world, and for a good reason. What really stands out about this amazing business card is definitely the fact that it is refreshingly simple and direct. It speaks volumes about the confidence and the transparency of this award-winning business.

    4) Nooklyn

    Print Best %title% Online
    Source: Lumi

    this is one of the fastest-growing real-estate providers in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and their groundbreaking branding success was definitely one of the many factors that led to their popularity. Their business cards are minimalistic, yet informative and personable, combining great looks with clear words.

    5) Aussie Real Estate

    Print Best %title% Online
    Source: 99designs

    This business card is actually extremely clever for many reasons. First and foremost, it incorporates the logo of the company in a very smooth and elegant way. This is particularly important, especially when you consider that in this case, the logo of the company is deeply tied to the brand’s name, and therefore, it needs to be quite easy to recognize.

    6) Carlyle Properties

    Print Best %title% Online
    Source: 99designs

    This business card is definitely something different when comparing it to other entries on this list. The main feature of this business card is definitely the fact that a picture of the actual realtor person is actually printed on it. In this day and age, this actually is quite optimal, especially because people are looking for a human connection. These particular business card style might work amazingly with freelancers, independent real estate professionals, or even smaller firms. One of the downsides of having pictures on your business cards is that you need to really go for a high-quality print. If you get them done on some good equipment but an expert, you should be alright. However, poor printing resolution can be bad for these ones, turning a warm smile into a blurry mess. This is definitely something to avoid at all costs.

    7) Century 21

    Print Best %title% Online
    Source: RockDesign

    This is a prime example of how a timeless, old-fashioned look for a business card can easily blend in with a modern concept. The results are amazing because they denote class and innovation, two important qualities, which reflect really well on your business.

    8) Compass

    Source: Behance

    Bright, yet old-fashioned and minimalistic, this business card is very effective in the way it combines retro aesthetics with a modern edge.

    9) Forefront Real Estate

    Print Best %title% Online
    Source: RockDesign

    As the name of this business might imply, this company is all about following innovative solutions and moving forward. Their clever business card definitely captures this insightful dualism to perfection.

    10) Ryan Lavergne Real Estate

    Print Best %title% Online
    Source: Behance

    Modern, bold, bright, and confident. These are only some of the many words that come to mind when describing this company’s stunning business card design. One of the most iconic and distinctive flavors of this design is definitely the fact that it is still seamless and minimalistic, with very few colors in its layout. However, the red background is very attention-grabbing, and it is ideal if you are looking for a card that is actually a show-stealer. Another thing that really stands out about this design is definitely the fact that the fonts used are actually fairly larger. In fact, they are a bit bigger than what you’d normally be able to see on a similar card for realtors. Having said that, they are much easier to read, and they are quite iconic and easy to remember.

    In conclusion, this article is only scratching the surface. There are many amazing business card design ideas for real estate professionals on the web. Whether you are going to for a colorful modern twist or a more timeless design with a classic look, the possibilities are endless.

    One of the most important tips about creating business cards is definitely to consider your audience. You need to appeal to the specific target you are aiming for.

    Think of it this way: would you show up at a skate park with a suit? Would you show up at an important corporate business meeting wearing ripped jeans, an oversized t-shirt, and some rollerblades? I didn’t think so.

    The right business card is a good way to make an impression, so take the time actually to plan ahead and make the most out of it.

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