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Make business cards so thick and heavy your customers will need two hands to hold them properly 🙂





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painted colored edge business cards

14 Best Places to Buy Painted Edge Business Cards Online Compared

If you want the best painted edge business cards for your professional activities, it won’t take you a long time to find dozens of providers online. Print-on-demand services have made this industry one where everybody thinks they can create a side hustle by offering this product. Some companies are willing to settle for the cheapest … Read more

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Credit Card Size – What are the Dimensions, Size, & Thickness?

Ever Wondered What the Dimensions of a Credit Card Are? You may have observed your credit card with a magnifying glass when it first came in. After all, it did look good and feel fascinating to touch.  Then you began swiping and purchasing and poof you were over your credit limit and never gave a … Read more


Business Card Break Down – Feliz Interiors

Today we are introducing a new segment to our blog called “The Business Card Break Down” duh duh duh… (dramatic drums). In each episode, we will do a brief overview of the client, the design of the piece, the print specs of the piece, and the digital files that were used to produce the card. … Read more

Thick Business Cards Frequently Asked Questions

Guide to Paper Basis Weight and Thickness @ Print Peppermint

Think about the best business card you’ve ever been handed. Beyond how it looked, how did it feel? Was it heavy, dense, or inflexible? Graphic design is certainly hugely important when it comes to creating business cards, but it’s not the only thing to consider. Paper basis weight and thickness have less to do with how a business card looks, and more to do with how it feels. Before you select which type of cardstock you’ll use for your business card, take the time to study up on precisely what all those terms you see next to the paper options … Read more

Paper Thickness & Weight Conversion Tool – Imperial to Metric – Points (pt), MM, GSM

Points (pt) Inches Millimeters GSM 16 0.016 0.4064 350 18 0.018 0.4572 20 0.02 0.508 22 0.022 0.5588 24 0.024 0.6096 28 0.028 0.7112 32 0.032 0.8128 700 36 0.036 0.9144 40 0.04 1.016 42 0.042 1.0668 48 0.048 1.2192 1050 50 0.05 1.27 64 0.064 1.6256 1400 80 0.08 2.032 1750 Download as a google sheet – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRWB8wI06wClFjvWVxDPkAeg7UwIK9LjDvDWChWrzVp6QCOYn3gZJpfQAXsJGWTCAqTdWGAAcd9ccPv/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true

A Guide to Letterpress Printing: What it is and why is it important?

Letterpress Printing Guide Source: Design Shack Letterpress printing is an artform that’s been around since 1450. Credit for its creation goes to a German goldsmith, Johannes Gutenberg. Also known as relief printing or typographic printing, letterpress is more than an artform; it’s a tradition. Different parts of the world have contributed to the methods, techniques and tools used in this process. From giant, car-sized print machines which ran on a simple principle of making a print impression on a flat surface using blocks of texts, letterpress has come a long way. Now, its relatively small descendants can be found sitting … Read more

How deep or far out will my emboss stick out?

Embossing is an awesome detail to add to your business card. It adds depth to specific designs, and it has a nice tactile feature to it. When it comes to the depth of the embossed paper, take note that when you emboss on one side, the other side of the card will have the opposite effect – or debossed surface. So you have to be careful about depth. Too much and it could affect what the other side looks like. Stick to around 0.5 to 2 millimeters. The depth of an emboss depends on the type of paper. Opt for … Read more

What is layered / multi-loft paper?

A multi-loft paper is made of thick cardboard. As its name suggests, it’s composed of multiple layers of uncoated paper. Most of the time, it comes with a colored center. All these layers add texture and dimension to your print materials. Whether it’s for wedding announcements, business cards, or greetings, this paper can add depth to your design, making it even more high-end than it already is. A multi-loft paper is ideal for design projects that are meant to exude luxury and class. Aside from being stunning, this type of paper is very durable. It won’t tear or crease easily. … Read more

What is the thickness of the Suede cards?

For the base, we take 16pt stock and then apple 1.5mil laminate to both sides, which make the thickness of 19pt. The laminate used is soft velvet and scruff resistant. It adds a soft and supple look to the card. It even softens the colors and reduces the contrast for a lighter and muter appearance. 

What kind of thick paper stocks do you offer?

We do custom orders of any stock through a custom quote. Feel free to browse our standard paper offerings on this page, which include: Glossy – catches light with its reflective surface Matte – subtler and textured look Uncoated – natural stock texture Pearl metallic – pearlescent effect Silk matte – smooth matte finish that’s water resistant Soft suede – soft and textured stock Plastic – durable and comes in opaque or translucent finish Kraft – rustic and authentic look Colored stock – comes in 50 different colors


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