The Application of Cognitive Psychology to User-Interface Design

Understanding how the human mind works is as important as understanding the technical aspects of interface design when building user interfaces. Cognitive psychology can provide essential insight into how users engage with an interface. By applying cognitive psychology principles to your interfaces, you will be able to create successful solutions that are efficient, powerful, and … Read more

Why Do You Need Digital Business Cards For Your Remote Business?

Business cards have served us well! If you’re a millennial, you’d remember the good ol’ days when your elders never missed a chance to exchange their business cards. If you’re a business owner, you’d still be doing it. But if you’re a remote business owner, it would make little sense to carry around a piece … Read more

13 Steps From Beginner Web Designer to a Professional

Modern web design is a mix of brand design (i.e., graphics with brand values), storytelling (life stories with a deep meaning), and interface design. A specialist in this field has both creative and commercial thinking. In fact, they are architects of functional yet easy-to-remember websites, blogs, etc. It is the web designer who helps the … Read more

How To Design Custom Photography Business Cards

Many perceive a business card as an important attribute of a successful entrepreneur. Do not think that this is a relic, and in the era of the Internet, your own website or page on social networks is enough. A professionally designed business card will complement your image as a photographer and make it easier to … Read more

Benefits of Great UI/UX Design for Businesses in 2022

Example of Design System Trend by Figma

UI refers to a user interface. It represents the graphical layout of an application. It comprises buttons, text, images, sliders, text entry fields, and all other elements for user interaction. Graphic designers design visual elements. It includes the color pattern, button shapes, font size, screen layout, transitions, and every single micro-interaction.  UX refers to a … Read more

10 Common Presentation Design Mistakes to Avoid

10 Presentation Design Mistakes that are Holding You Back Imagine sitting for a presentation that you were genuinely looking forward to. The presenter starts the session, and the slide that he/she displays is cluttered with data and has too many pictures and displays more than a couple of fonts, which do not sync with each … Read more

Everything You Should Know About Branding For Photographers

branding for photographers

When starting a photography career or already being a professional photographer, everyone deals with the notion of “branding” and “promotion” of professional activity to the masses. Self-promotion is a vital aspect for everyone who wants to be known among a broader audience and get some profit from doing photos professionally. Promoting personal talent in photography … Read more

How To Develop (And Maintain) Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

maintaining your voice

Establishing a brand tone of voice is important to any business marketing strategy. Maintaining a consistent brand voice helps communicate more about your business to your audience. In addition, it makes them easily relate to your business, making it a beneficial ingredient for building a successful business. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to … Read more


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