How do I setup my artwork for foil stamping and embossing?

You need to create two mask files for design projects that need foil stamping and embossing.

One has to be a mask file for foil stamping while the other is for embossing.

To create a vector-based artwork, use industry-standard applications such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Foil Stamping

  1. Create a design. We offer blank print-ready templates, which you can use to make your art.
  2. Make a duplicate of the project you’re making. Go to File, and Save your project as Filename_FoilStamping_Mask.pdf.
  3. Remove details or information that you don’t want to be in foil.
  4. Adjust colored details to 100%K (C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:100%). Please be extra careful when doing this. Make sure that none of the objects in the artwork move during this process.
  5. Delete the template layer on both of the files, and hit save.


  1. Now that you have a design, make a copy of it. Go to File, and Save your project as Filename_Embossing_Mask.pdf.
  2. Delete design elements that you don’t want to be embossed.
  3.  The area of the design must be solid white while the details that need to be embossed should be in a solid black color. Set the CYMK value to: C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:100%. Again, be extra careful in doing this step so you won’t accidentally move the design elements.
  4. Delete the template layer on both of the files, and hit save.

We have PrePress designers who can take care of everything for you.

Send us the artwork, and we will set up the mask files.

We will send a proof for your approval before printing.

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