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What the heck is cold foil / photo foil?


Using Akuafoil, your wide range of CMYK colors can be turned into multi-colored foils.

Akuafoil uses a special processed foil system that is used under a 4/c process to generate an array of foil colors. It’s modest, reasonable, and makes your prints look unique

For an Akuafoil job, an Akuafoil mask file must be included with your CMYK file.

The mask file specifies where the Akuafoil will be applied. It has same file setup as Spot UV.

Use 100% K wherever Akuafoil needs to be used and white wherever Akuafoil is not to be used.

The file on the left is the usual CMYK print file.

For the logo to be Akuafoil, your Akuafoil mask file should look similar to the file on the right.

The white shows no Akuafoil and black 100% shows where the Akuafoil will be used. When uploading, remember to upload separate files.

When creating your Akuafoil artwork, consider following things:

The mask and CMYK print file should be aligned. They must match exactly in their size and position.

  • Akuafoil works finest on lighter colors. The darker the CMYK color is, the less vivacious the Akuafoil effect is.
  • Very thin or small text and artwork should not be used with Akuafoil. Use San Serif fonts at least 12 point for best results.
    • If Akuafoil has been applied to a white area, it will get a plain silver Akuafoil look.
    • For best quality mask files must be created in vector-based programs such as Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

If you want plain silver Akuafoil to be printed, remember to have at least 15% K in the CMYK print file area so as to the highest quality silver Akuafoil effect.

When you want to create knockouts in the Akuafoil mask or even in the CMYK print file, keep in mind that around the knockout area, there might be a “Halo” of white.