What are grommets and pole pockets?

Banners are often hung from a higher point to make it more visible to passersby. Attachments such as pole pockets and grommets may be added to the banners to make sure they are held securely in place when hung.

Grommets are small rings fastened into the hem of the banner and offer a variety of hanging options. These are similar to the rings you see on your curtains and drapes.

Let’s say you’re hoping to install a banner for long-term outdoor use. These grommets should be installed every 2-3 feet along the banner’s edges to ensure that its weight is distributed evenly when hung. You can also use screws to hold the banner in place when you hang it from a flat surface.

Pole pockets are extra materials stitched along the top, bottom, or sides of a banner. These create a pocket for a rod or pole to go through, giving the material more stability when hung. Pockets should be stitched at least 3 inches away from the banner to prevent a seam running through important text and images.

With pole banners, you can evenly distribute the banner’s weight and prevent it from sagging. Hanging a banner with opposing pole pockets can make it more rigid and firm.

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