Foil Stamping

What Is Foil Stamping And How Does It Work? Understanding The Basics Foil stamping is a unique way to add some extra detail and flair to your paper products. Whether you’re printing an invitation, flyer, package label or any other printed product, foil stamping can set your product apart from the rest. With its eye-catching, flashy […]

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Folding and Creasing

Introduction Folding has a distinct meaning when it is linked with the printing industry. It’s often used to tell a story. Sometimes, it is also used to gradually reveal the content or simply hide some of it. How Do You Fold A Paper? In the printing industry, there are so […]

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debossed - embossed

Blind Embossing

Definition When it comes to leaving a lasting impression on the paper, the use of blind embossing does its best. Blind embossing uses pressure for creation instead of ink. On the paper you plan on working with, visual contrasts create text, images, and several patterns. These contrasts also come with […]

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Die Cutting

Definition The process of die-cutting involves cutting paper using a die. It involves the use of a knife-edge blade fully constructed into a paper. The process of die-cutting strongly highlights the nature of the paper. The most unique thing is that it helps to create more dimensions without the material […]

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