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How to Use Print Peppermint’s Free Invitation Maker to Create Awesome Custom Card Designs

free invitation maker design tool
Designing an invitation does not have to be difficult. Read on to learn everything you need to know about using an invitation maker.

1. Come Up with an Artistic Vision

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Before you even start using an invitation maker, it’s helpful to sit and meditate so you can conjure an artistic vision. Do you want the invitations to be funny, sentimental, professional, or cute? Once you have a basic idea of how you want your invitation to look, you can open up your design tool and get to work.

2. Choose a Background

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Although a background isn’t necessary, choosing one can add a lot of personality and eye-catching colors to your invitation. As you click through the different options, they can inspire you and make your artistic vision come together. Once you have a background, it’ll be easier to pick a color scheme.

3. Consider Adding Photos

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One of the best parts about making your own printable invitations is that you can add personal photos, images you’ve found online, or browse ones that are available in the invitation maker. This freedom allows you to create stunning invitations that will definitely get your guests excited for your event.

4. Brainstorm What You’d Like to Write

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The next step in the design process is to think about what you’d like to say on your invitation. Whether you’re creating a wedding, birthday, business event, brunch, or program invitation, each type of event will have a different tone. Learning how to write an invitation will help you figure out which details you need to include and the different rules of etiquette for each occasion.

Once you know what to say, you can have fun playing with the font, text size, alignment, color, boldness, and so much more. One helpful tip is to make sure your text is reader-friendly so everyone can see the important details on your invitation like the date and location.

5. Experiment with Other Cool Features

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Don’t be afraid to explore all of the different features that are available in your invitation maker. You may end up stumbling upon a feature that unlocks a new level of creativity. One of the funnest features that’s worth trying out is the drawing tool that allows you to make your own art directly on the invitation.

Learning How to Make Invitations Is Easy and Fun

Now that you know the basics of how to use an invitation maker, you can spend some time playing around and letting your creativity run wild. Once you master the art of creating custom invitations, you’ll never go back to generic store-bought ones again.

Are you ready to create the perfect invitations for any occasion? If so, Print Peppermint can help you design invitations, posters, flyers, and so much more. Check out our design tool so you can get started.