Plastic Cards

Want to elicit smiles and attention with every single business card you hand out? Choose our 20pt plastic business cards. Available in opaque and frosted plastic with the option to add foil accents in a variety of colors: gold, silver, red, blue, black, and green.

Types of Plastic Business Cards

Our plastic business cards are printed in full color on one side on a 20pt frosted stock and come standard with your choice of 1/8″ or 1/4″ round corners. Our plastic cards are printed with soy-based (chemical-free) inks.

solid white plastic 20 pt with round corners

Our white plastic PVC cards are available in a 20pt or 30pt /mil credit-card thickness version. White plastic cards can be printed in full-color on 1 or 2 sides. Add magnetic strips with pre-loaded data (request quote).

Our plastic business cards with foil are printed on one side with 1-color foil on clear frosted PVC stock and come with 1/8″ radius round corners. Available foil colors are gold, silver, red, black, blue, and green.


Wow! Plastic Business Cards

Our plastic business cards guaranteed conversation starters. They give you the most convenient conversational platform that allows you to launch right into selling without wasting any time.

Experience an immediate sense of trust from your prospects as they examine the super substantial plastic card in their hands. They will immediately understand that you and your business care about quality and pay attention to detail.


Wondering how thick are our plastic business cards? Well, here is a little reference. A typical credit card is 30pt or 30 mil and our standard plastic stock is 20 pt.

So the answer is: beefier than our standard 16 pt cover stock but not quite as dense as a credit card. Want 30 mil plastic cards? Send us an email for pricing and more information.

The 20pt cards come in 2" x 3.5" and credit card size 2.125" x 3.375" and the 30pt version only in credit card size.

Why mandatory rounded corners?

Most, if not all, business cards have rounded corners. That’s because sharp pointy edges can potentially result in skin punctures and other injuries that are more severe than paper cuts. Since many of us like to keep our business cards close at hand, we always recommend softening the sharp corners of your plastic cards. It’s safer this way.

In addition, corner rounding gives your cards a more finished and professional look. You can also expect your cards to last longer with rounded corners as these soft edges prevent the plastic from cracking or splitting apart.

plastic business card fold

Ideas for Plastic Business Cards

10 pt clear frosted plastic

Plastic Membership Cards

Choose our 30 mil PVC plastic business cards and optionally add a magnetic strip to your cards. We offer cards with magnetic strip only or magnetic strip + encoding. If our PVC plastic cards are outside of your budget many of our customers use our 20 pt opaque white plastic business cards for general membership cards.


Plastic Hang Tags

For many t-shirt brands and start-up clothing companies, plastic business cards can double as hang tags and offer an easy way to give your apparel a visual edge. Although not included in the standard pricing, we do offer the hole drilling in two standard sizes as an optional add on.

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Letterpress business cards come on a variety of mega thick textured stocks like 42 pt crane lettra, 42 pt craft, 50 pt black crest, & 60 pt Ahlstrom. Add painted edges, foil, and die-cutting.

monster die cut card

Die-cut business cards come in two forms. Choose one of our 50 premade die-cut shapes to be printed on 18 pt silk or design a custom die-cut card on 18, 32, 48 pt silk or 34 pt cotton.

spot uv flyer printing custom online

Spot UV or “spot gloss” business cards give a unique and creative visual and textural contrast. Available on 16 pt matte and 18, 32, 48 pt silk. Combine with foil, embossing, die cutting.