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    Plastic business cards are always going to be in the market. The simple but most times elegant look makes it a must-have for many companies.

    For us here at peppermint, plastic cards are part of what we do. Whether you have a custom plastic card to make or a white plastic card, we will always have your backs.

    Are you planning to buy plastic business cards soon? Here are some things we believe you should know.

    Questions You Might Ask About Our Plastic Business Cards

    Here are some questions you might want to ask us.

    What Makes Plastic Business Cards So Special?

    There are a number of reasons why most businesses use plastic for their card design and material or when printing business cards. They include

    Appealing Card Design

    Plastic business cards have an appealing and innovative design. They make your business card stand out among the crowd. If you are printing your business cards, then it’s worth considering it.

    Highly Detailed

    A business card made from plastic is going to be highly detailed. This can easily make a good first impression or make a lasting one on the customers.


    A plastic business card comes with a lot of variety. You can choose between frosted plastic, clear plastic, transparent plastic, and others.

    There’s really nothing that shouts quality other than having your card design with so much detail.

    What Options Do you Have in the Plastic Business Card Printing Industry?

    There are a number of methods or techniques known in the plastic business card printing industry. These options allow you to customize your plastic card in any way you desire.

    Clear Plastic Business Card

    The first option you have is a clear plastic business card. This is also known as the transparent plastic business card. One of the main benefits of this card is its appearance.

    Thus, most customers might not let it go even just for the sake of its appearance.

    Frosted Plastic Business Card

    frosted plastic is another option that is definitely on the table. This printing technique makes your business cards more durable. Clear frosted plastic cards are surely something to definitely consider.

    White Plastic Business Cards

    Another option is to go for white plastic business cards. This plastic card is very elegant and simple. If you want something that screams elegance without even trying, white plastic is the right way to go.

    So try out a white plastic card sometime soon.

    What is the Best Shape to Use For A Plastic Card?

    One of the first features to consider is the shape. Rectangle is one of the most preferred shapes out there. It’s just the best shape for a business card. It also allows the details to show very clearly.

    While most people prefer a rectangle for a plastic card, there are still a number of shapes to design your plastic card.

    • Square
    • skyline
    • Butcher Knife
    • Geometric cards
    • Circle cards

    You can also choose to go for a custom card. The type of shape or design you choose should resonate with your brand

    What’s the Best Format for Printed Business Cards?

    The best format for printed business cards is TIFF or PDF. Some people also find that variable printing for their business cards matches their preference. We can give you a complete guide on what to expect from variable printing.

    Make sure you understand your mission and goals before choosing business cards. Plastic business cards can change your business for good.

    Should You Go For Plastic Business Cards With Rounded Corners?

    Most people find that rounded corners are perfect for them. Here are some benefits you get from using a plastic card with rounded corners.

    Trendy Look

    Rounded corners give your cards a trendy look. If this is what your organization thrives on, then it’s simply the perfect option for you.


    It makes your card look durable. Rounded corners make cards look solid and well-built. So, if you are printing cards anytime soon, it might be helpful to consider this kind of design.

    Rounded corners go well with cards that have the shape of a rectangle. This allows your card details to stand out.

    What is the Best Type of Paper Material for a Business Card?

    There is no one best type of paper for a business card. It simply depends on your preference. We offer a host of custom paper types for you to choose from.

    These paper materials are all durable and come in different shapes. Here are some of them.

    • White
    • blue
    • Brown
    • Green
    • Gray

    We also offer a host of colors. If you have a custom color not listed in our option, you can always contact us. We’ll be happy to use this custom color for your business cards.

    What are the Perks of Using a WaterProof Material?

    While you might exchange some elegance with a waterproof material, it can prove to be incredibly helpful. Here are some ways this is possible.

    Weather Conditions

    With waterproof materials, you don’t have to worry too much about harsh weather conditions. The value and quality are constant.

    It increases the worth and value

    It simply gives you more value for your money. You can be sure that plastic business cards will stand the test of time.

    If you have any further questions about the value of this material for printing a business card, feel free to contact us.

    Do you Give Free Orders?

    No, we don’t. However, on the high-end, we give our customers a lot of discounts and gifts. You can check out our website for more information.

    Clear Or Frosted- What’s the Difference?

    Are you stuck between clear and frosted business cards? First, know that whichever one you choose does not affect the quality of the business cards.

    Here are some differences between both techniques.

    The WOW Factor

    Clear business cards have the WOW factor. Let’s face it. Not a lot of people have seen a clear plastic card before. Your client will immediately be impressed by the quality and features of your card.

    Premium Feel

    Unlike clear plastic, clear frosted plastic business cards will give your clients a premium feel. Most frosted business cards are made from matte. This takes the quality to a different level.

    Which has more color?

    Frosted business cards are more colorful than clear plastic business cards. With frosted business cards, you can use a full color to take its quality to the next level.

    Why Should You Trust Print Peppermint?

    Here are some reasons why you should trust us with your plastic business cards.

    Product Quality and Design

    Our plastic business card printing procedures are based on product quality and design. Thus, you can be sure that any printed card or design done by us will have incredible features and materials.

    We simply want to create the best plastic business cards.

    Great Track Record

    We have been around for a while. This has allowed us to build up a very reputable brand. We give every customer that works with us the same attention and focus. Thus, we have made a lasting impression on our customers.

    This has led to a lot of 5 stars customer reviews over the years. Those 5 stars reviews are testament to the good work our company has done here at Print Peppermint.


    This company is efficient in the service and quality that it provides. This shows in our turnaround times and the transparent nature of our service.

    While the exact turnaround time will depend on the order you create, we make sure that the precise turnaround time is as earlier and possible.

    Great Customer Service

    The background of this company shows us just how important customer service. Thus, we make sure we provide helpful advice whenever it is needed.

    This shows our integrity and transparent nature as a company.

    How Can I Get Started?

    To get started, you will need to contact us. This can easily be done online. You can head over to our website and create an account. Once you have an online account, then you can review the various options that we have.

    Online, you are also allowed to see our templates. To make things easier for you, most of our templates have been compiled into one file. You can also use it to see our stock. Knowing our stock will allow you to choose properly

    If you are particular about the type of material you would like for your plastic business cards, there’s a section that allows you to choose the material you like. This helps you keep the design and quality to your liking.

    You can also choose other options such as clear or frosted, having rounded corners or the color of paper to be used.

    Once you get your order or delivery, you will have to sign that it has been delivered. When you sign, you follow led-down procedures.

    How Can I Pay For My Plastic Business Cards?

    Once you create an order of what you’ll like, it’s time to pay for your purchase. One option is to pay with your credit card. Using a credit card is our preferred option. Aside from a credit card, other options such as debit cards are also allowed.

    However, using a credit card is just a smoother process altogether.

    How Long Does it Take For Your Plastic Card to be Ready?

    It can take as short as 3 business days or way longer than that. There are a number of things that determine when your plastic cards are going to be ready.

    The Quantity of the Order

    the quantity of the order will also determine if your order comes early or not. If the quantity is small, then you can expect it to come much quicker.


    Where you live also plays a part in when to expect your business cards. Most times, your card might be ready for print ready and shipped out. However, it might take a longer time for it to reach your destination.

    Product Design

    The particular type of professional design you choose will determine the number of hours that will be used in printing each plastic business card.

    What Are Our Artwork Guidelines?

    The background of Print Peppermint helps us understand the need for an artwork file. This file will help us and customers understand the rules we follow as regards white plastic, choosing a full color, or just buying our stock. To know more about our stock or guidelines, you should check out our templates.

    Here are some of these guidelines.

    Font Size And Full Color

    When printing a card, you should pay attention to its font size and full color. Choosing a high-end font size or a particular full color can break or make your card. So keep this in mind when printing.

    Where is Print Peppermint Located?

    Print Peppermint is located in the United States. A long time ago, we settled in Dallas and have remained there. Thus, our headquarters is in Dallas Texas with zip code Tx 75208. Print Pepperprint, therefore, follows all guidelines that apply to companies that are located in the United States.

    Clear business cards are just the coolest thing ever!

    When you hand your prospect a semi-translucent clear frosted plastic business cards, you set yourself up for a successful relationship right from the start.

    The substantial feel of the 20pt clear PVC, coupled with the modern design aesthetic of using clear or frosted PVC gives your customers the impression that you have high standards, and therefore must offer a quality product or service.

    Free Round Corners

    Because our 20 pt PVC is so tough, we offer complementary rounded corners for these business cards to ensure that neither you nor your customers injure themselves while handling the clear cards. Your choice of 1/8in or 1/4in corner radius, at no additional cost.

    Although we don’t offer clear cards with magnet strips, many of our customers use our opaque white PVC business cards for general membership cards.

    By leaving a blank space on the back of your card design, you are able to write a customer’s name using a permanent marker or sharpie.

    For example, if you owned a used record store, you might offer a “loyal customer program” or membership for a one-time annual fee that gives them 10% off every order when they show their super cool plastic members-only card.

    Another interesting application is to use our clear cards as hang tags. For many t-shirt brands and start-up clothing companies, clear tags are an easy way to give your apparel a visual edge.

    Although not included in the pricing displayed here, we do offer the hole drilling service that easily turns your clear cards into super groovy hang tags.

    Our Customers Love Us!

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    Brian K.
    (verified owner)

    A great experience, fun presentation, and entertaining way to imagine all the creative possibilities!!

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    (verified owner)

    Great high-end options and unique combinations to allow for really creative print products!

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    Great customer service and a stellar product. Highly recommend!

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    Want to elicit smiles and attention with every single business card you hand out? Choose our 20pt plastic business cards. Available in opaque and frosted plastic with the option to add foil accents in a variety of colors: gold, silver, red, blue, black, and green.

    Types of Plastic Business Cards

    Print Best %title% Online

    Clear Plastic Cards

    Our plastic business cards are printed in full color on one side on a 20pt frosted stock and come standard with your choice of 1/8″ or 1/4″ round corners. Our plastic cards are printed with soy-based (chemical-free) inks.

    Print Best %title% Online

    White Plastic Cards

    Our white plastic PVC cards are available in a 20pt or 30pt /mil credit-card thickness version. White plastic cards can be printed in full-color on 1 or 2 sides. Add magnetic strips with pre-loaded data (request quote).

    Print Best %title% Online

    Plastic Cards + Foil

    Our plastic business cards with foil are printed on one side with 1-color foil on clear frosted PVC stock and come with 1/8″ radius round corners. Available foil colors are gold, silver, red, black, blue, and green.

    Print Best %title% Online

    Wow! Plastic Business Cards

    Our plastic business cards guaranteed conversation starters. They give you the most convenient conversational platform that allows you to launch right into selling without wasting any time.

    Experience an immediate sense of trust from your prospects as they examine the super substantial plastic card in their hands. They will immediately understand that you and your business care about quality and pay attention to detail.


    Wondering how thick are our plastic business cards? Well, here is a little reference. A typical credit card is 30pt or 30 mil and our standard plastic stock is 20 pt.

    So the answer is: beefier than our standard 16 pt cover stock but not quite as dense as a credit card. Want 30 mil plastic cards? Send us an email for pricing and more information.

    The 20pt cards come in 2" x 3.5" and credit card size 2.125" x 3.375" and the 30pt version only in credit card size.

    Why mandatory rounded corners?

    Most, if not all, business cards have rounded corners. That’s because sharp pointy edges can potentially result in skin punctures and other injuries that are more severe than paper cuts. Since many of us like to keep our business cards close at hand, we always recommend softening the sharp corners of your plastic cards. It’s safer this way.

    In addition, corner rounding gives your cards a more finished and professional look. You can also expect your cards to last longer with rounded corners as these soft edges prevent the plastic from cracking or splitting apart.

    plastic business card fold

    Ideas for Plastic Business Cards

    Print Best %title% Online

    Plastic Membership Cards

    Choose our 30 mil PVC plastic business cards and optionally add a magnetic strip to your cards. We offer cards with magnetic strip only or magnetic strip + encoding. If our PVC plastic cards are outside of your budget many of our customers use our 20 pt opaque white plastic business cards for general membership cards.

    Print Best %title% Online

    Plastic Hang Tags

    For many t-shirt brands and start-up clothing companies, plastic business cards can double as hang tags and offer an easy way to give your apparel a visual edge. Although not included in the standard pricing, we do offer the hole drilling in two standard sizes as an optional add on.

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