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Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

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Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint
Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint
Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint
Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

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Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

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Every Type of Print Marketing a Realtor Could Ever Need!

Arm yourself or team with a wide range of high-quality print products from small items like business cards to large format "Open House" banners and signs.

Hand that first-time homebuyer a business card that is built to impress.

Mail out "Just Sold" postcards or Open House invitations.

Relay asking price, amenities, and other key property features in style.

Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

Real Estate Yard Signs

Announce to the neighborhood that this listing is now on the market.

Big vinyl banners to guide people right to your spectacular property.

Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

Real Estate Door Hangers

Use them as flyers or cards - a message that keeps hanging around.

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Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

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Print Peppermint customers are some of the more inspiring people and businesses in a wide range of fields and disciplines.

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Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

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7 Essential Real Estate Print Products You Should Be Using

With over 2 million real estate agents actively working in the field, standing out is necessary to get your share of home sales.

Real estate printing may seem less important in a digital world, but quality print materials can set you apart from your competition.

Colorful images and a professional presentation draw attention from potential customers. They also brand you as a professional, reputable real estate agent.

Printed materials give consumers something tangible they can hold in their hands. They can hold onto those materials for reference, even if they're not ready to buy or sell immediately.

Check out these seven real estate print materials you should use.

1. Real Estate Business Cards

Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

Digital business cards will never fully replace physical business cards. Every day, businesses print 27 million business cards. That adds up to almost 10 billion each year.

business card is a classic marketing and networking tool that you can pass out anywhere. They're something you should keep with you at all times, even when you're not on the job.

Business cards don't have to be boring. Design modern real estate business cards that stand out with a unique design, color, or shape.

Customize your business cards to fit your real estate branding. When someone looks at your card, they get a feel for your style and brand.

They also recognize the card as yours each time they see it.

Thicker, heavier paper makes your real estate business cards more professional and memorable. They also last longer, so they may be less likely to end up in the trash.

If you want something more unique, consider plastic business cards. They make it easy to strike up a conversation with potential clients.

You can also choose from an enormous range of finishes and special touches to make your cards stand out. That includes metallic foil, embossing, pearl, raised edges, spot UV, and suede, among many others.

2. Postcards

Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

Custom postcards let you reach your target audience directly.

Digital marketing is everywhere your clients go online, and it can be powerful.

But people can also tune out those digital ads. They become so used to see them that they don't even notice them sometimes.

A physical postcard that arrives in someone's mailbox is more difficult to ignore. You know the recipient receives the postcard because the mail carrier delivers it to them.

Since there's no envelope to open, the recipient sees your message immediately. Direct marketing that arrives in the envelope may go straight to the trash without being opened.

You can also target your direct mailing recipient list to a very specific segment.

You might target one neighborhood or buyers looking for particular types of homes. Maybe you're focusing on local sellers.

That localized target audience based on demographics makes your marketing much more effective.

How do you use real estate postcards? They serve a variety of purposes to get a specific message across to the targeted recipients.

Some of the options are promotional in nature to let residents know about your services and what you're doing in the neighborhood.

Others can be more general and helpful in nature, such as safety-reminders for the holidays or spring lawn care tips. Those types of postcards build your brand awareness while providing helpful info to make you memorable.

Here are some ways to use them:

  • Overview of home prices in the area
  • Just listed announcements
  • Just sold announcements
  • Open house announcements
  • List of your services
  • Introduction of yourself
  • Your results for your clients
  • Thank you card to current clients
  • Tips for homeowners
  • Holiday greetings
  • Seasonal reminders

When designing your postcards and other direct mail, choose a design that stands out. Include your company logo and contact information so recipients know who you are and how to get in touch.

Choose a quality paper for the postcards. Mail takes a beating during delivery. You want your postcard to show up looking great, and you want it to feel substantial and high quality when the recipient holds it.

3. Real Estate Signs

Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

The obvious job of a real estate yard sign is to let people know the property is for sale. It's an effective way of promoting your listings to people who live, work, or visit the neighborhood. Current residents might see the signs and tell other people they know about the listing.

It also makes the properties easy to spot for showings and open houses.

But yard signs serve another purpose: brand awareness.

A colorful, professionally designed yard sign that fits your branding makes you more familiar in the neighborhood. People see your name, face, or logo when they drive by and start to recognize you.

If neighbors of a home you're selling are planning to sell soon, they may notice your sign and look up your business.

If a buyer sees the sign, they may check out your other listings, even if the home they see isn't in their price range or doesn't match what they want.

People generally need five to seven impressions of something before they remember your brand. Getting up as many real estate signs as possible in your community helps residents get those impressions so you become a brand they remember.

4. Banners

Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

Real estate banners draw attention when people drive by an open house, your office, or other locations where you're promoting your business.

Banners paired with yard signs can attract more people to your open houses. Someone who happens to drive by during your open house may stop by because the banner draws their attention.

If you're hosting a booth at a community event, you can set up your banner to promote your business while you help out the community. If you're hosting a business open house at your office, the banner again comes in handy for drawing attention.

When you choose a high-quality vinyl banner, you can reuse it for multiple open houses and events. Quality materials make the banners suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

Retractable banner stands make it simple to display your banner so you don't have to attach them to existing structures. You can easily set up the banners where you need them then put them away for next time.

5. Brochures

Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

You know real estate. But your potential clients? They often need a lot of education on the process.

Custom brochures let you share your knowledge in an easy-to-digest way. Your potential clients get the information they need. And you don't have to sound like a broken record repeating all the same real estate jargon to everyone who walks in the door.

They're promotional tools that don't feel too salesy. You're giving your clients valuable information for free instead of pushing your services onto them.

Yet you're still building confidence in your business. A well-designed brochure can position you as an expert in real estate. With strategic branding incorporated into the brochure, you plant the seeds so consumers come to you for their real estate needs.

Professionally designed brochures also give your office the look of a reputable business. You can set out the brochures for clients while they wait.

They also work as promotional tools in welcome packets for people who are new to the area. If you sponsor a community event, you may be able to include the brochures in packets that go out to participants.

6. Sell Sheets

Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

Some homes basically sell themselves. Others need a little more help.

No matter how amazing a home is, a sell-sheet is a professional way to present the details of the property to potential buyers.

Adding color, images, and graphics to your listing sheets and flyers give them a professional edge. Instead of a plain black and white printout like your competitors are handing out, yours grab attention immediately.

Potential buyers who come to your open houses can take one of the listing sheets with them as a reference.

Even if they don't buy that home, seeing the attention to detail and profession thought you put into your flyers may build confidence in you as a real estate agent. Those consumers may contact you to represent them in their real estate transactions.

7. Door Hangers

Real Estate Printing, Print Peppermint

If you're planning to canvas the neighborhood to drum up more business, door hangers can come in handy.

If you're lucky, you'll get to talk to the homeowners in person. But how will they know you stopped by if no one's home?

Sure, they may see your face on their Ring doorbell, but they won't know who you are or what you want.

That's where leaving a door hanger behind helps. You can leave all your important contact details and information about your services as a reference.

Incorporate your branding into the door hanger design to help build that brand awareness.

Real Estate Printing

Even in a digital era, real estate printing needs are still very high. Having beautiful, eye-catching, professionally printed materials helps you stand out and promote your listings. It's an easy, effective, and economical way to build brand awareness in your local community.

Explore our marketing materials to get started on your custom printed real estate materials.

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