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Best Letterpress Papers

Ideal Papers for Letterpress Printing

Transcription: So many designers and creatives go absolutely bonkers for letterpress printing but what they don’t know is that in order to get the most out of a letterpress machine like an old-school Heidelberg windmill for example you have to feed it the right kinds of paper. That’s why we’ve spent the last months researching … Read more

Sirio Color (Fedrigoni) – The Best Colored Paper System?

Austin from Print Peppermint gives a detailed overview of the Sirio Color System from Fedrigoni Paper Table of Contents: 00:00 – Start 00:19 – Overview 00:46 – Paper Thickness Guide 00:50 – 10 pt / 210 gsm 00:56 – 20 pt / 420 gsm 01:02 – 30 pt / 630 gsm 01:08 – 40 pt … Read more


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