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Spot UV Business Cards


  • Spot UV Gloss on 1 or 2 Sides
  • 16 pt Matte, 18 pt Silk, 20 pt Suede
  • Add Round Corners

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Spot UV Business Cards - Overview

What are Spot UV Business Cards?

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have undoubtedly handled a business card that featured a full wash of UV gloss coating. That is because high gloss UV business cards are the most commonly produced type of card in the world. Spot uv, as you might have guessed, means that the UV coating is only applied to certain areas or “spots” on the business card. This is generally utilized in order to create a desirable visual and tactile contrast between gloss and matte or uncoated mediums.

When submitting a spot UV business card order, you or your graphic designer must provide what we call a “spot mask” along with your regular CMYK print file. The spot mask file is simply a black and white PDF, where anything that is shown in key black (100% K) will get coated with UV and anything shown in white will not. Make Sense? If not, please check out the file preparation tab.

How to Setup Artwork for Spot UV Printing

About the Paper Stock

Since “spot uv” means applying clear gloss to certain spots on the card, the base stock must have a matte finish in order to create that beautiful contrast that this finish is known for. If the card was already fully coated with gloss, the spot-treatment would be pointless.

For this product, we offer three types of matte paper.

  • Basic = 16 pt Matte Aqueous Coated
  • Premium = 18 pt Silk Matte-Laminated
  • Luxury = 20 pt Suede / Soft-Touch Laminated

Artwork & File Preparation

Example Uses: In the video depicted above, spot UV is used to create a repeating background pattern that provides just the right depth in order to make the logo jump right off the card. Other uses might include using spot UV to highlight a logo or employee name.

Often, good design is about creating contrast, it’s about guiding your viewer’s eyes and telling a convincing story by combining shapes, photos, color, and typography. Spot UV business cards are an excellent choice for businesses that wish to really create visual emphasis. Spot UV also serves to create a textural or tactile contrast as well. When your prospect runs their finger over your card for the first time, the variable sensation of smooth flat matte stock and the sleek of UV gloss will let them know that you are someone who pays attention to detail.

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