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Suede Business Cards (Soft Touch)


  • 20 PT soft touch Laminated Card Stock
  • High-end Velvety Touch & Feel
  • Durable & Fingerprint Resistant

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    20 pt. Suede / Soft-touch Laminated

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Suede Business Cards (Soft Touch) - Overview

Suede business cards, also known as “soft touch business cards” feature a durable matte laminate film.

The laminate adds thickness, water resistance, fingerprint resistance, and a luxurious velvety feel.

The velvet lamination film also serves to hold the paper fibers in place ensuring a perfectly crisp edge, post trimming.

The smooth flat uniform surface works beautifully with spot UV creating a dramatic contrast.

Enjoy our same full-color offset print quality, printed at 500 lines per inch.

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About the Paper Stock

What is suede / soft-touch laminated paper?

Also called soft feel or suede finish, soft-touch business cards refer to any finishing method that gives print materials a suede-like feel. It’s a little hard to find the right words that encapsulate its unusual texture, but some people have described this finish as velvety, smooth like suede, and soft like chamois leather.

A soft-touch laminate is achieved by applying a specially-textured matte plastic film on the print material. This coating makes the paper soft to the touch. At the same time, this special finish makes the material more durable.

While its unusual texture is enough to elicit an inquisitive response, its brighter and higher contrast prints are going to catch a lot of attention. A soft-touch laminated paper makes colors appear more vibrant. Compared to a regular matte finish, it can render your darker colors even deeper. There’s no doubt about it – your designs or information will have no trouble standing out in this piece of paper.

If you want to make anything look classy and luxurious, this type of paper makes an excellent choice. Some of the biggest fashion houses today use suede-coated packaging for their products.

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