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Designers’ block? Are you stuck and just don’t know how to start designing your business card. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. Once you understand the basics of business cards, it can quite helpful to view business cards from other designers to spark an idea. Below you will find over 200 articles on recently completed projects from our clients. On some of the projects, we handled design and printing, on others just print production. You might also get inspired by checking out the Graphic Design and Logo Design sections of our blog.

Recent Business Card Ideas & Inspiration articles

Steve Jobs’ 3 Business Cards Were Sold For 10,050$ In Auction

In 2015 a private school in California named “The Marin School”, put 3 business cards of Apple’s CEO in an online auction. The initial bid was 600 dollars which soon rose to 10,050$.  Source The school confirmed Tim Knowles, the CEO of Stacks (a company that provides an iPhone app for sharing business cards) as … Read more

3 Creative Business Card Ideas for Writers

Professionals from many fields use business cards to increase their network and connect to new clients, future employers, or potential business partners. Writers are no exception, especially those, who work as freelancers. Business cards for freelance writers can be a great source of new clients and valuable connections, which later can result in profitable long-term … Read more

Best Business Cards for Medical Professionals

It is a well-known fact that a business card can give great insight into the person or company they belong to. The choice of colors, font, alignment, and graphics says a lot about the brand identity that the owner is trying to emulate. Like every professional, doctors also require business cards to generate leads. For … Read more

11 Design Layouts That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Business Cards Look Great

In the digital age where everything is being packaged into a single device, carrying add-ons can seem a bit redundant. Business cards, however, are an exception to that notion. In fact, your business card is the one thing that is more convenient than the latest technology. When you meet a new potential client or business … Read more

6 Golden Rules For Business Card Design (QUICK FIRE TIPS)

in today's video I have some quickfire tips for the golden rules in businesscard design so take some notes and follow along with my golden rules forbusiness card design today's video is made possible by named chief and I useNamecheap to obtain my most recent domain name Chiba is used by webprofessionals and bloggers startups…

How to Create Business Card in Illustrator CC

Business card free download for commercial use: Watch more tutorials: Subscribe: Ktm Art – Graphic Design Tutorials Like me on: Facebook:

11 Great Designs for Business Card Layout Inspiration

With the oversaturation of ineffectively planned business cards, it is quite natural to get yours misplaced in the general chaos, particularly in the event that it neglects to establish an incredible first connection with the individual you have handed it out to. On the off chance that it is an ideal opportunity to escape the … Read more

Trending Fun Fonts to Inspire Your Business Card Designs

Business card structure and typography patterns change from industry to industry. However the data on them is quite often the same— organization’s name, your signature/name, contact data, and possibly a slogan to tell the world what your business is really all about. An unpredictable business card font decision can make your business card stand out … Read more

Business Card Holders For Women, Our 5 Favs!

Now that you have your creative new business cards you need somewhere to store them that they won’t get bent. While you should keep a few backups in your wallet, a dedicated cardholder is far more accessible at networking events. Here are the 5 best business card holders for women. Kate Spade New York KS … Read more

Creative Ideas for Artists’ Business Cards

When you are in the creative field, people around expect you to be more distinctive and unique. So, if you have plain and un-original artist business cards, you will never be able to convince people about your talent. Remember, there are too many artists out there who have those plain and unappealing white rectangles with … Read more

11 Creative Business Card Ideas for Realtors, Agents, & Brokers

Real estate agents are rarely found without their business cards as they realize the importance of making sure that potential customers know who they are and what they do. Of course, being a realtor also means searching for opportunities where there are none. Hence, having innovative and creative real estate business cards is imperative.  In … Read more

Top 10 Creative Real Estate Business Cards – Be Inspired!

Get ideas from 10 of the best business cards for real estate agents we’ve found on the net. If you work in real estate, a great business card is essential. It is a fantastic way to share your contact details, but it is also a way to expand your personal brand further and generate some … Read more

The 15 Best Business Card Templates of 2018

The 15 Best Business Card Templates of 2018 This year has seen some of the most creative and alluring business card templates ever designed. Here is a round up of the very best of 2018. Even in today’s digital age, business cards remain an important staple in the professional world. And, the age-old traditional marketing … Read more

Printed to Impress: The Perks of Foil Business Cards

Quick. Open your wallet. How many plain, paper business cards have you jammed in the back? What about the others that met a more unpleasant end at the bottom of your wastebasket? The reality is that while they serve a basic purpose, these handy attention-grabbers should be anything but. When you want to step away from the … Read more

The Power of Plastic Business Cards: Redefining Swanky

Paper or plastic? It’s an age-old question we’ve come to expect at the grocery store checkout line. Yet, now it applies to your business cards, as well! While there will always be a place for great-quality paper cards, today’s innovative new designs and unexpected materials are taking the corporate world by storm. One such example? … Read more

Top 10 Favorite “Plastic Business Cards”

Are you a business owner? Do you own business cards? If you are saying “Yes” to the above questions, spare a thought here- does your business card makes an impact? Do people take a second look on your card or they straight away shove it into their pockets? Well, business cards have the power to … Read more

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