Color, electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum, perceived through the human eye as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple. Color is all around us and affects us in many ways we don’t even fully understand. To be a good graphic designer, artist, or well-rounded human – a good grasp of color use and balance is unarguably a requirement. In this section, we will look at the different types of color as it pertains to design and printing as well as look at strategies to implement color successfully in your own designs.

Recent Color articles

What Is Lab Color Space? And what should you know about it?  

Introduction: You might be familiar with RGB and CMYK. But what is lab color space? Whether you’re a graphic and color geek or a common man, we have answered this question simply. Anyone can understand it. Although it has some numbers and mathematical complexities, we are not going there today. Our main focus is to … Read more

Pantone CAPSURE Review: Is This Tool the Best Way to Match Colors?

CAPSURE™ gives you a portable way to match colours from any surface or material accurately. Then you can turn it into a Pantone® colour that you can use for business logos, designs, or fashion. It’s one of the easiest ways to create consistency for your marketing materials. CAPSURE comes with over 10,000 Pantone colours pre-loaded … Read more

Spot Color or Process Color? Why You Should Choose One Over The Other

With just about the whole world going digital, print marketing may seem like it’s taking a back seat. But experts say there’s now a growing demand for print media, and that the constant bombardment of online ads may well be driving this resurgence. With print marketing, there are numerous design decisions involved, but some of … Read more

Crazy About Tiffany’s – An iconic brand color with an iconic backstory

Tiffany Blue – The Shade of Luxury The color that has come to be known as Tiffany Blue was chosen by jeweler and founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, for the front of Blue Book, Tiffany’s yearly assortment of stunning, carefully assembled gems. That is the first time the words Tiffany and blue were brought together before … Read more

PANTONE® color bridge™ CMYK PC – Process Color Reference Chart Free Download

What is this thing and how do I use it? For those of you young and/or lazy designers who never made it around to buying an official Pantone color fanbook, this might just be the next best thing. I am not sure how it originated and it is certainly nowhere to be found on Pantone’s … Read more

How to Design a Logo: The 5 Most Basic Rules

It can be said that a logo is the pictorial representation of a company. It is a symbol that goes everywhere an organization leaves its marks. According to the Picture-Superiority effect, people are most likely to engage in and remember information that is visual instead of being text-oriented. Consequently, a good logo is surely a … Read more

How To Choose Your Brand And Logo Colors

Together with creative design, the colors you choose to brand your business will visually engage your clients. They will be the colors you use to design your logo, build your website, design your marketing collateral, and maybe even decorate your brick and mortar location. Brand Color Choice Is More Important Now Than Ever Since many … Read more

Analogous & Complementary Colors – What’s the difference and how do I use them in my Graphic Designs?

Color is the most basic element in a design. Choosing the right color is key no matter whether the design is meant for marketing, promotion, branding, or simply filling a gap. Understanding of colors depends on many things, and colors have different interpretations in every country because people of different cultures associate colors with different … Read more

Color: RGB vs. Hex vs. CMYK vs. PMS (Pantone) – what’s the difference? VIDEO

(Img Src:–rgb-hex/) Keeping the color precise and consistent in design is not easy. There are millions of designers working on content creation and printing worldwide. On top of that, there are endless varieties of browsers, mobile devices, TVs, and printing methods that make various designs come to life. No one can control the inherent … Read more

The Sheet-Fed Offset Printing Process

Offset printing is our bread and butter here at Print Peppermint. Whether we are doing 4-color process printing or 1 to 2 color spot color printing. We, of course, do quite a bit of letterpress printing and dabble a bit in digital printing sometimes. But since we are pretty busy and don’t feel the need … Read more

The Macallan Unveiled “The Macallan Edition Purple” In Collaboration with Pantone Color Institute

The Macallan, a renowned distillery company, located in Moray recently released The Macallan Edition No.5, a sweet-tasting whiskey with an amazing and extraordinary bonus: A new, accompanying hue from the professionals at the PCI or Pantone Color Institute. Also known as The Macallan Edition Purple, this new color will embellish boxes and bottles of the … Read more

BAYWATCH RED: To Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Baywatch-An Iconic TV Series

Baywatch, one of the most popular and long-running TV series, is now celebrating its 30th year of existence. This TV series is not just in shown in the U.S but, also all over the world as well. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of this iconic TV series of all time, Fremantle, an international producer has … Read more

Revealed! How To Choose The Best Colors For Your Business Card?

Revealed! How To Choose The Best Colors For Your Business Card? In today’s digital world, it’s easy to assume that business cards are irrelevant. That’s definitely not the case, though. For every 2,000 business cards distributed, a company’s sales increase by an average of 2.5 percent. There’s a lot of merit to handing out business … Read more

Do Happy Colors Make You Feel Happy?

Do Happy Colors Make You Feel Happy? Are you looking to add a bit of pep to your step? Using happy colors might just be the way to do it. Learn what colors can make you feel happier. Does wearing a black outfit make you look thinner? Does a grocery market painted yellow make you … Read more

How Many Colors In a Rainbow? Wielding Color in Design

How Many Colors In a Rainbow? Wielding Color in Design Colors make our world bright and our designs pop. So how many colors in a rainbow and how do we use them? Learn all about it here! When you were in kindergarten, you learned all about Roy G. Biv. There are seven colors in a … Read more

4 Colors to Make Your Logo Pop and Wow Your Audience

4 Colors to Make Your Logo Pop and Wow Your Audience Using the right colors can be a great way to make your logo pop and wow your audience. Check out 4 great color ideas here! So, you’re starting a business and trying to get it off the ground? Congrats on taking the leap and … Read more

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