Benefits of Great UI/UX Design for Businesses in 2022

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UI refers to a user interface. It represents the graphical layout of an application. It comprises buttons, text, images, sliders, text entry fields, and all other elements for user interaction. Graphic designers design visual elements. It includes the color pattern, button shapes, font size, screen layout, transitions, and every single micro-interaction.  UX refers to a … Read more

10 Common Presentation Design Mistakes to Avoid

10 Presentation Design Mistakes that are Holding You Back Imagine sitting for a presentation that you were genuinely looking forward to. The presenter starts the session, and the slide that he/she displays is cluttered with data and has too many pictures and displays more than a couple of fonts, which do not sync with each … Read more

6 Things Every Design Student Should Know In 2021

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Managing your work in a design school might be a very daunting task for you as a college student. However, you have to work very hard and put in extra hours to succeed and be at the top of the class. This article will shine light upon some tips to help you get the best … Read more


Luke Sutton’s CV Trying to find work as a graphic designer can be challenging. Sometimes it seems that whatever you do you simply can’t nail the right way of showcasing your abilities, experience, features that make you stand out from competitors.  Graphic design is a growing industry that doesn’t plan on stopping its ascension, … Read more

Best Ways to Emboss: A Complete Guide

Embossing Folder Techniques with the Country Floral embossing folder are shown here, including heat embossing on copper foil and stamping with the folder.

Source Embossing can add an aesthetic charm to your papercrafts, professional business cards, and scrapbook pages. There’s no one way of embossing your designs. You can use digital technologies or tinker around with everyday items — the options are endless. Before we dig into what embossing entails, let’s understand what embossing is and explore some … Read more

8 UX/UI Tips to Help Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Image source: Canva If you are wondering if there’s a relationship between user experience(UX), user interface(UI), and digital marketing, then the answer is an outstanding yes. UX and UI determine the success of your digital marketing campaigns. The UX/UI elements set apart a successful marketing campaign from a not so successful one. If, for example, … Read more

Recycled Paper: A Quick Guide for Sustainable Designers

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According to the United States EPA, virgin paper causes 74% and 35% more air and water pollution than recycled paper and helps prevent deforestation.  However, one disadvantage of using recycled paper is waste sludge. The deinking process used in recycled paper processing may result in 20% sludge by weight per recycled paper.   What Does Recycled … Read more

Top 5 Graphic Design Software in 2020

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The development of modern technology endows graphic designers with so much software that it often creates a problem in the choice. And as you know, the correct choice of software will affect not only the creative opportunities but also the speed of project development and even the success of the designer himself. What product should … Read more

14 Best Design Books for Design Students in 2020

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Studying for a degree in design can be hard. Some students may be nervous because they’re starting something new. Their goal is to finish college as quickly as possible while making friends and enjoying their life at university. They have to study under different instructors and submit their projects on time. They may build a … Read more

12 Reasons Why Good Design Is a Good Business

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Description: Are you still considering whether or not to invest in business design? Check out this article to learn how your business can benefit from good design and how to unlock its full potential. What are the indications of a good business? The answers vary from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.  The truth is that good business … Read more

10 Ways to Make Your Squarespace Site More Dynamic

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If you have started managing your website using Squarespace, certain tips are essential to improve the design of the site. Improved website design will surely boost brand engagement when done right. How can you make a Squarespace website more dynamic? Here are the best techniques you should know as a business owner or marketer: Use animated slideshows … Read more

Pro Tips for Designing Amazing Plastic Business Cards


Business cards have enjoyed a serious revolution in the last few decades. No longer are these professional snapshots printed exclusively on cardstock with the same, bland layout all across the board. If you’re exploring the option of plastic business cards, you might be looking for something that’s extra durable or that helps you stand out … Read more

11 Tips and Tricks for Creating Holographic Business Cards


You’re hip, you’re trendy, and you’re in need of a business card that reflects that. Holographic business cards are the perfect solution for every uber-modern professional with their finger on the cultural pulse, but there’s a definite right way to go about designing these cards; here are 11 tips for creating your ideal holographic business … Read more

The 5 Most Clever Logos of All Time

The 5 Most Clever Logos of All Time

The 5 Most Clever Logos of All Time If you’re looking to create a unique brand logo for your business, but feel stumped, check out 5 of the most clever logos ever to get inspired. Did you know that your brand identity is one of the leading factors for increasing sales? After all, having a … Read more

The Principles Behind the Psychology of Logo Design

The Principles Behind the Psychology of Logo Design

The Principles Behind the Psychology of Logo Design Anyone can design a logo. After all, nearly every business has one. But what makes one logo stick over another. Click here to understand the psychology of logos There are power and meaning behind the logos for major companies worldwide. Have you ever considered why FedEx uses … Read more


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