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A variety of articles about Graphic Design, including design inspiration, print design, free design resources, industry news, and much more. We cover topics like basic color theory, how to use design software like adobe photoshop and illustrator, and rules of logo design, branding, and marketing. We also delve into things like fonts and typography, print design, print basics, and business card inspiration – which is the most commonly designed collateral marketing item of all time.

Recent Graphic Design articles

Here’s What You Should Know About Foiling As A Designer

Graphic designers need to create designs for many purposes, from a small logo to a banner design and everything in between. Foiling also needs a design and so a designer. But designing this piece of art isn’t the same as normal designing. There are certain things that you should take care of while designing and … Read more

Become a professional graphic designer – the roadmap to follow

Modern graphic design is more than just drawing with different software tools. It is creating new images of shapes, lines, colors, and words to express ideas. You will find such creations anywhere, as visual images surrender us to deliver the information and evoke emotions. As the visual perception of the world is the most essential … Read more

13 Mobile App Design Inspiration for UI/UX Designers

What is a mobile app design? Mobile applications are very high in demand due to the increased number for smartphone users. Businesses are building their online presence through building flawless mobile apps. Creating a mobile app is essential but to make it user-friendly you need to have an exceptional mobile app design. Designing is one … Read more

Graphic Designer – Where To Start Training and Career As a Beginner

What you need to know to become a graphic designer – a list of skills and abilities necessary for a professional, tips, where to start training.

10 Paper Design Tips to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Amidst all the digital hype, print media has still not lost its charm. Paper is where ideas unfold and your brand story is told. You still exchange business cards when you meet someone new, right? Plus, nothing can beat the vibe of reading a magazine with coffee by your side. Newspapers are still the start … Read more

Do you need to have a college degree to be a designer?

Image source: Do you need to have a college degree to be a designer? Graphic designers take on a very big role in the digital world because they create amazing visuals seen every day, every minute, all over the world. These people create entertainment, advertising, news, and features in all forms, including print and … Read more

What Is Lab Color Space? And what should you know about it?  

Introduction: You might be familiar with RGB and CMYK. But what is lab color space? Whether you’re a graphic and color geek or a common man, we have answered this question simply. Anyone can understand it. Although it has some numbers and mathematical complexities, we are not going there today. Our main focus is to … Read more

How to Design an Ideal Resume

Image by VIN JD from Pixabay  Alt text: perfect resume One of the most crucial components of any job application is an appropriate resume or CV. It assists in showcasing one’s skills and experience and helps make an unforgettable impression on the employer. To design such an effective and efficient resume, you can take advice from any available … Read more

10 Ways a Website Redesign Can Benefit Your Small Business

In an age where almost everything’s taking place virtually, we’re pretty sure you already have a website for your small business. But, we gotta ask: When was the last time you redesigned it? Have you even thought about it, ever? Well, whether it’s been ages or never, it’s time to give it a makeover! Especially … Read more

10 Golden Rules of a Printing Designer

As a designer, you’re probably already well-versed in the world of typography and graphic design. But when it comes to printing your designs on paper, you may not know what goes into making them look their best. To help with this problem, we want to share with you 10 Golden Rules for Printing Designer! When … Read more

Dominating Web Development Trends and Techniques in 2022

Source Today, all developers are focused on the future trends of web development, which will become popular in 2022. Their use will not only help to make the most functional site but will also contribute to its promotion in the search engine. How relevant these trends are will be clear in several months. Nevertheless, knowledge … Read more

Create a Successful Logo with these Essential Elements

There is no denying that an excellent logo design is a key contributor to creating that first impression on the audience. A logo communicates your business’s values, tells your visions, and even assists people to trust your name. If your logo does not speak the right message to the targeted customer, your business is in … Read more

An Ultimate Guide to Write A UX Design Proposal

Whether you’re preparing to design a new website or app or redesign an existing product, a UX design proposal can make the process much smoother. The role of a UX design proposal is to carefully outline the “why” and “how” behind a UX design idea to designers and clients alike. According to published data, 75% … Read more

Google Logo: 10 Tips You Can Learn From Google’s Design for Your Business

Back in 2015, Google changed its logo. According to a Google blog post, it was to represent the new ways people interacted with Google. Think about it: Google is no longer just a simple search engine. Google is now a vast collection of sites, apps, and services accessible on your Internet-ready device. Of course, changing … Read more

A Complete Guide to Initiate a Business Card Printing Business At Home

  Business cards are immortal. The trend will stay forever. The world of business cards may seem to have gone obsolete due to the quick adoption of digitalization but, it still is the most sought-after service. A business card is one of the most important offline marketing strategies, no matter how digitized we become. It … Read more

Is it Time to Redesign Your Portfolio?

Source Whether you’re a freelancer or looking to be hired full time, prospective clients and employers want to see what you’re capable of. If you work in web design, a well-crafted resume and string of credentials isn’t going to cut it. An employer probably won’t be swayed by your Adobe certification and coding fluency unless … Read more

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