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Choosing the Best Paper Type for Printing

If your work involves printing in any way, it’s in your best interest to know the right paper type. Even if you’ve come up with a great design, but you don’t know what a great print job entails, there’s a big possibility that your hard work might go down the drain. This sounds harsh, but … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Paper

We live out our days under the sun without paying much thought to where half of our resources come from. We do not stop to think for one second what other uses the paper in our notebooks have, and neither do we sit and wonder if the paper that we are using is eco-friendly.  The … Read more

Top 10 Benefits of Metal Business Cards

Top 10 Benefits of Metal Business Cards Have you considered purchasing metal business cards? If not, you should. Read on to learn the benefits of metal business cards. There are more than 27 million business cards printed every day in the U.S. That equals out to roughly 10 billion business cards printed every year. So … Read more

A Blast from the Far, Far Past: Understanding the History of Paper

Understanding the History of Paper Have you ever wondered where paper comes from and who invited it? Make sure you keep reading below to learn the complete history of paper. Have you ever wondered how much paper we actually use? We checked the records at the Environmental Protection Agency. Apparently, today over 68 million trees each … Read more

Top 10 Paper Mills and Their Most Popular Brands

As a creative printing company that specializes in flexographic printing, laminating, coating, and custom printing, everything that we do is based around paper.  We love bringing creative ideas to live, but we can’t do it without a premium quality paper to start with. That is why we wanted to create a list of top 10 … Read more

How Thick is a Business Card: Explained

Business card paper GSM and thickness explained No matter what profession we choose, business cards are the first impression of the brand and what it is trying to achieve. The card stock is measured in points for business cards; with a variating thickness corresponding to different thicknesses. A business card is the most important aspect … Read more

Star-Trek Inspired Business Card Sample – Geordi La Forge

This is one of the business card examples from our free sample pack. Yeah, I know it cost one dollar but that’s mostly in order to prevent abuse on our site. Design So first I want to talk about design. Taro, our wonderfully talented lead designer chose a Star Trek theme for this particular piece … Read more

The Market of Banana Paper Worldwide

Banana paper is a kind of paper utilized in many senses: paper made from the fiber of the banana via industrial process, from non-utilizable fruits and stems: paper manufactured from banana bark and is utilized for creative purposes. The Banana Paper market worldwide increased and anticipated to double the value at the end of 2025. … Read more

Colorplan Paper Review

Here at Print Peppermint, we buy and sell a ton of paper… 🙁 sorry trees! And, we are really excited about this new paper series from Legion Paper called “Colorplan”. This family of papers contains: 50 meticulously-curated paper colors 25 textured embossings 8 paperweights Take a look at the video below, as Austin breaks out … Read more

Business Card Break Down – Feliz Interiors

Today we are introducing a new segment to our blog called “The Business Card Break Down” duh duh duh… (dramatic drums). In each episode, we will do a brief overview of the client, the design of the piece, the print specs of the piece, and the digital files that were used to produce the card. … Read more

Glossy vs Matte Business Cards: Which is Right for You?

Networking is hard. Remembering everyone you meet at a networking event is even harder. Solution? Business cards. But, with so many cards floating around the room, how will anyone remember your business? The details matter to set your business card apart from the pack. The first decision you’ll make when getting a business card made … Read more

Die Cut Animal Sculptures by

Hi Guys! Austin here, creative director at Print Peppermint. I recently bought some amazing die cut animal sculptures from Berlin-based design company Although a bit pricey, I thought they would be the perfect focus pieces to decorate my kids bedrooms. The assembly took about 4 hours of folding and gluing and required more effort … Read more

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