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What Is Lab Color Space? And what should you know about it?  

Introduction: You might be familiar with RGB and CMYK. But what is lab color space? Whether you’re a graphic and color geek or a common man, we have answered this question simply. Anyone can understand it. Although it has some numbers and mathematical complexities, we are not going there today. Our main focus is to … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Product Photography

Ecommerce equals sales equals profit! – a complete myth. Behind the curtain is one critical success factor called product photography, which you can learn now.

UX Tips To Boost Your Online Portfolio

With millions of portfolios available to your potential clients online, two factors set work to distinguish your portfolio – Quality of your portfolio and the UX while your clients browse through it. Your portfolio is the repository of your best work. It puts across your exceptional skills to the audience and should ideally give them … Read more

Creative Ideas for Photography Business Cards

As a photographer, you use your creativity and photography skills to capture the best photos. So, your clients expect you to be, well, creative. So, imagine their dismay if they see your dull and mundane business cards. You will have a tough time convincing them that you are indeed a creative and talented photographer.  Thankfully, … Read more

How to Start a Photography Business in 12 Simple Steps

Starting your own photography business is a great way to make money from your passion. Here’s how to start a photography business in 12 simple steps. It’s one thing to pick up a camera and learn a thing or two about photography. But, it’s a completely different story to leave your job and dive headfirst … Read more

Why You NEED to Invest in a Professional Photographer for Your Next Advertising Campaign

Why You NEED to Hire a Photographer for Your Next Advertising Campaign Do you want your next advertising campaign to make a major impact? If so, here’s why you NEED to invest in a professional photographer. Do you want to make sure your company’s next advertising campaign is as successful as it can possibly be? If … Read more

SEO for Photographers: 12 Tips for SEO Newbies

Are you a photographer that doesn’t know a thing about Google rankings? In this SEO for photographers guide, we teach you how to improve your SEO game! Launching your photography career online? Uploading your portfolio to your site? The photographer’s portfolio is one of the best weapons to a successful business. It’s a display of … Read more

Tips for Creating Beautiful Images in the Rain

Rain Photography: Making Beautiful Images in Stormy Weather Shooting in inclement weather can create beautiful and moody images. Read on to find the best tips for making your rain photography memorable. There are over 50,000 professional photographers in the US, but not everyone who loves taking photos is a pro. In fact, with the popularity … Read more

Tips Every Photographer Needs to Know About Using Natural Light

Natural Light Photography: Tips Every Photographer Needs to Know Curious about natural light photography? Read on to discover how to make the most of natural light in your images. Did you know the most professional quality photos are taken in natural light? Whether you’re an amateur or a professional photographer, learning to use natural light … Read more

How to Take Good Instagram Pictures: A Step-By-Step Guide

Looking for tips on how to take good Instagram pictures? Our step-by-step guide will help you create an impressive Insta feed. When it comes to user engagement, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms out right now. While it’s so easy to log on and see some amazing photography, none of this happens … Read more

Tips for Editing Photos like a Professional

How to Edit Photos Like a Professional: 5 Tips You Should Know Searching for tips on how to edit photos like a professional? Read on for tips that even beginners can implement today to improve the quality of their photos. Four out of five businesses agree that print marketing materials help boost their business. But … Read more

Mobile Phone Photography Tips Every Photographer Should Know

9 Mobile Phone Photography Tips Every Photographer Should Know Are you looking to up your mobile phone photography game? Read on to find the best tips everyone with a smartphone should know. Did you know that 1.2 trillion photos are taken worldwide in a year? How is this possible? Because of mobile phone photography. Almost … Read more

Interior Photography Tips to Create Magazine-Worthy Images

Interior Photography: 5 Tips to Create Magazine-Worthy Images Looking to up your interior photography game? Keep reading to find the tips you need to make the images on your website truly pop. It’s easy to use a stock site for photos, but why would you spend money when you can earn it? There are lots of … Read more

How to Use Macro Mode to Take the Best Close-Up Photos

Macro Mode: 9 Tips for Taking the Best Close-Up Photos Are you wondering how to use macro mode on your DSLR? Read on for the best tips on how to utilize this handy feature during your next shoot. 96% of Americans shop online. Over half complain that the biggest drawback is not being able to … Read more

Let There Be Light!: The Top Tips for Shooting in Bright Light

Are you looking to take photos in bright light? Read this guide to learn how it’s done. Taking photos outside? You probably end up with either washed out shots or spots from the breaks between leaves because you’re looking for shade under a tree. You can avoid all that if you know the right settings … Read more

Shooting in the Rain: The Top Tips for Taking Photos in the Rain

Photos taken in the rain can look very romantic and artsy. Read on to learn the top tips for shooting in the rain. We’ve outlined everything you need to know! Photographers like you are terrified of their camera getting wet. Water destroys expensive electronics, and the last thing you need is your subject looking like … Read more

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