Black Business Cards

Black is the new black! Be classy and mysterious with Premium Black Business cards printed on black card stock, black plastic, or black metal. Foil stamping in 50 amazing colors including: gold, silver, holographic, and more!





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Black Business Cards

With black, you can never go out of style. Black signifies power, confidence, and professionalism- just what’s needed to promote any brand.

Due to its versatility, it can blend well with different colors. You will make a statement about your business with appealing fonts and attractive blending colors. You can decide to have both sides or either side of the card entirely colored in black.

The logo or contact information can be in white or any other light color that suits your brand. These black business cards have become a popular alternative to traditional white cards.

They can be produced using black paper or printing the black color on a typical white paper. Depending on your requirements, you need to consult an expert to help you determine an effective printing method.

One of the best ways to print these cards is to print the black color on white paper. This surprises people who expect them to be completely black.

This method is more popular because the logo and contact information, typically white or any other light color, contrasts the black surface.

An alternative method is to print the logo and the contact information on black paper. The method may not be prevalent because it is challenging to have white or other light colors on the business card.

This is partly because the white ink is not transparent. When using the method, the white ink appears gray.

Luckily, this problem is solved by foil stamping the logo or the lettering on the black paper.

However, this can become costly, and the resolution may be compromised. Due to a lack of precision, the clarity on the business card can be below average.

Generally, black business cards can help make brands stand out. They offer an elegant and contemporary appeal that’s more durable.

Consider reaching out to a graphic design specialist for whichever design idea you have in mind.

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Black and gold business cards are suitable options that open the door to a wide range of benefits. However, to succeed in the mix and match of gold and black in your business card, you need to understand which colors blend in well with the combination. You can choose to add other colors or play around with these two to create a business card that stands out.

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Are you struggling to find a business card that won’t look outdated after a few years? Do you want to emphasize the uniqueness of your brand? One way to make your business stand out is by going for black and white branding.

With the black and white color palette, businesses don’t have to spend resources and time choosing other colors that would blend in well.

These colors look great on print and screen, meaning you can use them on your company’s business card and other branding aspects.

The combination of black and white can add volume and depth to any design.

The black and white business cards are bound to capture anyone’s attention. Having a logo on these business cards is a good choice for most brands.

The best thing about these cards is the ability to allow the logo and the lettering to stick out from the other aspects on the card as if they were symbols by themselves.

While these white and black business cards may not be suitable for any business, they can be an excellent alternative for businesses seeking to take their branding to the next level.

Black Luxury Business Cards

Black luxury business cards are an excellent alternative for leaving potential customers with a long-lasting impression.

These cards offer that premium feel and look that stands out for all the right reasons.

Luxury papers and an exceptional black finish can be blended to create a business card design that your customers will love.

Out of the hundreds or thousands of business cards, you have seen, there is a high probability that you can only remember a handful.

It is essential to make your business card stand out, and a black luxury business card can help you achieve just that.

Black luxury cards can help reveal that you care about your business, attracting customers to refer to the content on the card.

Red and Black Business Cards

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Whether you own a fashion company trying to target a youthful market or a medical store seeking to create and maintain customer trust, you can never go out of style with red and black business cards.

These colors can help build and maintain a reputable and robust brand. Red and black business cards also allow you to let your potential customers see what you want them to see.

The red color can help signify passion, action, and excitement. Since red is an intense color, it can help trigger some emotions.

Combined with the power, sophistication, and elegance portrayed by the black color, customers are more likely to fall in love with your brand.

However, it is essential to ensure you don’t go overboard with either of the colors.

Black Business Cards Templates

You can make a great first impression without hiring a graphic card designer! is our favorite free online design tool.

Check out their black card templates here.

You only choose a black business card template that reflects your company’s style, images, and text.

The best thing is that design work is already done for you, thus saving you money and time. Besides, there are numerous black business card template designs to choose from.

Black Business Cards Background

One of the most challenging decisions most businesses have is choosing the suitable backgrounds for their business cards. A black business card background is a timeless classic. The simplicity helps make the right impression and helps create a card that doesn’t go out of style. Black is a suitable alternative for brands looking to communicate a message of luxury, exclusivity, and power.

If you choose a black background, it is advisable to use simpler fonts that can help prevent your card from being overly overwhelming. The last thing you want is to overcrowd the space on the card, so always consider seeking the help of a professional.

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Black Business Cards Frequently Asked Questions

Can you write on black-edge cards?

Yes. As these cards are made of premium uncoated paper, you can easily write on them. But, you are advised to test the specific application.

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Rich black is an ink mixture of solid black, 100% K, with added CMY ink values. This CAUSES a darker tone than black ink alone. When you print black alone as 100% K, the resultant black might not be as dark as you may like. 100% K ON SCREEN On Screen 100% K AFTER PRINT After Print We recommend C 60 M 40 Y 40 K 100 This will provide a dark, deep, rich black. *Products which are printed using dye-sublimation (9oz Premium Polyester Table Covers, Banner, Flags, Fabric Tube Displays, etc.) call for the following color values: C 100 … Read more

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What type of black papers do you offer?

Black business cards are visually stunning. The rich, luxurious look and texture of black paper makes logos, patterns, and foil or embossing treatments stand out. If you are looking for custom black papers, we can discuss a specific quote and have it ordered for you. We also have our standard collection that includes: Uncoated rich black stock – comes in 14 PT, 16 PT, or duplex 32 PT thickness Onyx deep black suede – soft to the touch; comes in 22 PT thickness Black museum board – comes in a very thick 50 PT (for letterpress printing or foil stamping … Read more

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What colored papers do you offer?

We can order your specialized colored stock for a custom service. But check out our “ColorPlan” series offerings, where a total of different 50 colors – from cool blues, greens, and grays, to bright mandarin and yellow hues – can be used on your most eye-catching business card.

How do I setup my artwork for foil stamping and embossing?

You need to create two mask files for design projects that need foil stamping and embossing. One has to be a mask file for foil stamping while the other is for embossing. To create a vector-based artwork, use industry-standard applications such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Foil Stamping Create a design. We offer blank print-ready templates, which you can use to make your art. Make a duplicate of the project you’re making. Go to File, and Save your project as Filename_FoilStamping_Mask.pdf. Remove details or information that you don’t want to be in foil. Adjust colored details to 100%K (C:0% M:0% Y:0% … Read more

What foil stamping colors do you offer? Can I choose a custom foil color?

Hot Foil Stamping One of the most popular print features we offer is hot foil stamping. With a little bit of heat and pressure, we can apply an opaque layer of colored, metallic, foil. When applied to business cards, you get a pigmented metallic finish that will surely grab people’s attention. You can choose from 15 standard foil colors to create stunning business cards. The following colors are available for hot foil stamping: Silver, Holo-Silver, Copper, Deep Blue, Purple, Light Pink, Red, Green, Gold, Holo-Gold, Blue, Sky Blue, Orange, Black, and Fuchsia. Cold Foil Stamping We also offer a wide … Read more

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How do I setup my artwork for embossing?

To set up your design projects for embossing, you must create a mask file using programs such as Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. Here’s what you need to do: Step 1: Set up your document. We have blank print-ready templates, which you can use to create your design. Step 2: Make a duplicate of the project you’re making. Go to File, and Save your project as Filename_Embossing_Mask.pdf. Step 3: From the mask file, delete details or information that you don’t want to be embossed. Step 4: Adjust colored details to 100%K (C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:100%). Please be extra careful when doing … Read more

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What’s the difference between “raised” uv or foil and embossing?

UV or foil stamping may not have the truly tactile feature of an embossed pattern, but just like embossing, they are effective if you want to highlight certain images or details on your card. Embossing involves creating a raised 3D effect on the stock using a metal die. The embossed elements are raised on one side and recessed on the other. This is an expensive process, but it can give a card that custom elegant look. UV or foil stamping is the process of applying a layer of foil on top of your card surface. Meanwhile, spot UV is where … Read more

What’s the difference between embossing and debossing?

Embossing and debossing are design processes where you either raise or recess certain images on your material. Let’s discuss these two further. Embossing involves raising a logo or image to create a 3D raised effect. This is achieved using a metal die and stock (paper). The die is cut into whatever image you want, then pressed onto the stock like a stamp. The die can either be single-level or multi-level depending on the depth your design requires. Embossing gives you visual as well as tactile design features. Hence, it’s ideal for making certain details stand out. Company logo, illustration, patterns … Read more


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