Glossary: Print Lingo & Vocabulary

Popular Terms & Definitions

What is: Abrasion resistance ?

The extent of scuffing and squeezing that a paper can withstand without becoming useless or worthless

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What is: Absorption ?

Refers to characteristics within a paper that gives it the ability to absorb fluids that are in contact with it. Examples would include water, drinks […]

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What is: Accordion Fold ?

Refers to a particular pattern of folding paper. The name is derived from the shape of the paper when it is unfolded (like an accordion’s)

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What is: Acetate Proof ?

Refers to a printing proof which is acetate in nature. This proof is used to make sure that print colors that are anticipated are done […]

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What is: Acid-free Paper ?

Papers which are completely free from the presence of acid. This type of paper is usually alkaline in nature. This gives it the ability to […]

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What is: Acidity ?

The level or extent of acid that is found in any paper or its substance when compared with the pH level. Getting a 7 to […]

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What is: Against the grain ?

The right location or position of fiber in the paper. It is important to fold with the grain and not against the grain. It comes […]

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What is: Air-dried Paper ?

Paper that has dried off through the use of hot air. Hot air is blown into the paper with nothing holding back the piece of […]

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What is: Alcohol ?

Refer to fluids which the printing press would utilize to make sure that the surface tension of the water is reduced. Alternatives to alcohol would […]

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What is: Aluminum ?

A press plate made from metal. This is usually used when dealing with offset lithography. It is often used in long or moderate runs. These […]

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What is: Announcement Cards ?

These refer to matching envelopes paired with cards of paper. You could usually find them when there are weddings or important announcements.

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What is: Antique finish ?

Refers to a finish used for papers. You can usually find these finishes in cover papers or books. These finishes would usually come with a […]

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What is: Apron ?

Refers to space which is created at the edge of a foldout (usually used in binding). You would usually find this on French folds. Their […]

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What is: Archival Paper ?

Refers to a paper which is acid-free and that is resistant to forms of disintegration. Its function is to make paper documents to last longer.

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What is: Artificial parchment ?

Paper that has been poorly formed or has a very weak formation

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What is: Artwork ?

This is used to generally refer to every item or material which is being used, customized or made ready for the process of printing.

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What is: Ascenders ?

These are the letters in lower case. This would specifically refer to the tops of those letters.

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What is: Back cylinder Pressure ?

It refers to the extent of the pressure which is put on to make sure that the image which is to be transferred to the […]

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What is: Backbone ?

This is popularly known as the spine. It simply refers to a bound book’s back.

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What is: Backing up ?

Refers to the process of having the reverse side of the paper being printed even in the situation where it has already been printed on […]

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What is: Bagasse ?

Refers to fiber or sugar cane which has been crushed. Its function is usually associated with the production of papers.

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What is: Baggy roll ?

This is a defect on the mill roll which is caused by a change in the web’s basis weight or the caliper. The result of […]

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What is: Band ?

It is defined in three ways; It can refer to straps which are metallic. These straps would be kept inside materials or cartons that are […]

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What is: Barium Sulfate ?

This is a substance which is used primarily for whites. This is used as an alternative to a reflecting diffuser which is at 100%

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