What is: Zig-zag Folding ?

A type of folding used with alternating positions and continuous forms. It is used to convert roll paper to flat-back paper which can be easily managed.

What is: Yellow ?

The hue of a 4-color process ink and a subtractive primary ink. This hue absorbs blue light but reflects green and red light.

What is: Yankee Dryer ?

A dryer which dries paper that comes out of the wet end of the paper-making machine by steaming the side pressing against a cylinder, while simultaneously giving a glazed finish.

What is: Yellowing ?

A term used to describe the transformation common to vegetable fibers due to aging. Papers made from vegetable fibers show different degrees of yellowing. This phenomenon is very common in groundwood papers which change color after just a few hours of exposure to direct sunlight.

What is: Xerography ?

A copying process which uses electrostatic forces and a selenium surface to form an image.

What is: Wove ?

A finish that is characterized by the impressions of a felt dandy roll which is covered in woven wire and is without laid lines.

What is: Wire Binding ?

Double series of wire loops that run continuously through punched slots on the binding side of a book or booklet.

What is: Work and Tumble ?

A term used when one side of a sheet is printed, then turned over from the gripper to the back using the same plate and side guide to print the second side of the paper sheet.

What is: Work and Turn ?

A term used when one side of a sheet of paper is printed and then the second side is printed after turning the sheet over from left to right. Here, the same plate and gripper are used for both sides of the sheet.

What is: Wire Side ?

It is the opposite of a felt side. It refers to the side of a paper that was against the wire during the manufacturing process. From this side of the sheet, a watermark will be read backward.

What is: Winder ?

The unit found at the end of a paper machine which takes the paper web from the reel, trims the paper web, winds the paper into rolls and slits it to create smaller rolls if it is desired.

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