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The 100% Free Flyer Maker: How to Create the Perfect Flyers for your Business or Event

For many brands, flyers remain an effective and creative way to send a marketing message. Yet, competition is high when it comes to getting these messages to your audience.

The average person sees as many as 5,000 marketing messages every day. So, your content will need to be eye-catching, informative, and well-designed.

Innovative online design tools make it more convenient to make your own flyers. They offer easy templates for printing projects or customizing your design. You don’t even need any graphic design experience to use these tools.

Read on to learn how to create the perfect flyer using an online flyer maker tool.

1. Select the Perfect Flyer Design

Using a free flyer maker makes it easy to be your own graphic designer. These tools offer tons of flyer templates to choose from.

Start by selecting a background template that relates to the message you want to convey. This should work to support the main goal of your flyer and appeal to your target audience.

Flyer templates also allow you to choose between vertical or horizontal layouts. You can even create custom flyer dimensions, frames, and borders. Play around with different background colors, themes, and designs for a unique look.

Be sure to incorporate the key elements of your brand. This includes colors, slogans, and fonts. Having a graphic designer create your logo is always ideal for this.

There is also the option to customize your own design, using an easy flyer design tool. Online print templates make it easier to get a feel for how the flyer will look after it’s printed. They show trim and bleed lines so you can stay well within your print area.

Another design tip is to consider the viewing distance that the flyer will be placed. This will help determine your scale for the size of your text and images.

When designing your flyer, it’s easier to start at the top of the flyer then work your way down. This is also the way the reader will digest the information on the flyer.

2. Make It More Visual

free flyer maker online design tool

Adding images to your flyer makes a big impact on your audience. Readers can recall 80% of what they see, compared to 20% of what they read.

Visuals make your flyer more appealing to viewers and help communicate your message. They also add contrast to your flyer and make it pop. Flyers with images are more noticeable from farther away as well.

Flyer design software makes it simple to add colorful graphics. It’s easy to upload royalty-free stock graphics from the online image gallery. Choose from categories like health and beauty, real estate, and social media.

You can also add in your own artwork and brand logos. It’s simple to upload more than one photo as long as they meet the requirements.

These design tools even allow you to add shapes and overlays. These features help to add more texture to your flyer.

3. Use an Attractive Headline

free flyer maker

Headlines help catch your audience’s attention. They work to make the reader stop and notice your flyer as they want to learn more.

Headlines can also incorporate the name of your event or company. In the case of band flyers, your headline could be the name of the band. It could also be effective for your headline to be the date of your next show.

Be sure to include a captivating and an easy-to-read headline on your flyer. Flyer makers offer different style fonts to complement your brand. Here are a few trending fonts to consider for your flyer design.

In addition to typography, you can also customize your headline color. Choosing a different hue for this can make it stand it out more.

4. Keep Your Message Simple

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When designing flyer content, a less is more approach is often best. This gets your message across without making the flyer look too busy or boring. White space does wonders for catching the eye and enhancing your design.

Be sure to focus on the essential elements of the who, what, when, where, and why. Use important keywords or buzzwords that encourage the reader to take action.

Include contact information and a strong call to action to encourage the reader. “Contact us” calls to action are key when designing free flyer templates. Encouraging the reader to visit your website for more information is also effective.

Flyer design tools make it easy to add simple and informative text. Then you can use bullets, borders, and separate text boxes as needed. These techniques help break up text and make it easier to read.

These tools also offer tons of different text sizes and styles to choose from. It’s best to stick to one or two text styles to keep the content consistent. The preview feature is also helpful to see how your flyer will look before you send it out.

5. Spread the Word

flyer maker design tool online

Once your flyer is complete, determine how you want to distribute it. Both digital and print options are effective for this.

Flyer design tools make it easy to share your flyer with the digital world. This includes an email flyer or sharing it on social media. You can even embed the flyer design right on your website.

Flyer makers also offer tons of easy printing options. You can choose the type of paper you want to print on. This includes finishes like high-gloss UV coated, smooth matte, or uncoated natural.

Be sure to hang your printed flyers in the most effective locations. This ensures your target audience sees your message and responds.

Using a Flyer Maker for Your Next Design Project

A flyer maker makes it easy to design and share your creative content projects. This tool allows you to create visual, attention-grabbing, and easy to read flyers. A clear message and simple call to action will also make your flyer more effective.

Ready to start your next design project? Browse our collection of innovative and simple to use design tools.